Wind, Fires, Indoor Gardening and Behind the Scenes at CaliKim HQ πŸ’¨πŸ”₯🌱

Wind, Fires, Indoor Gardening and Behind the Scenes at CaliKim HQ  πŸ’¨πŸ”₯🌱

hi everyone well today is Wednesday
October 30th and normally I film my coffee walk videos on Wednesday but
today it is absolutely crazy outside it’s an extreme high wind and I’m going
to go outside check things out in the garden I’m actually trying to get Mac to go outside
with me today it’s gonna be an indoor gardening day things aren’t just any
torn up out here I mean a few weeks ago got pretty torn up but it’s getting to
be even more than that so I’m really looking forward to getting some of the
things replanted like we talked about a few weeks ago I’ve got bunch going
indoors actually the flowers fountain plant are
actually holding up pretty well so I know are pretty old no this umbrella
here was actually up on our deck and blew completely down the stairs I had it
laying down next to I’m a couch up there actually I’m gonna give it up off this
garden little container garden around my deck right now I’m just waiting for some
other winds to calm down there goes the super scoopers so since we
are inside the day I thought it would be a good chance to show you how things are
going with the indoor garden so remember a few weeks ago on the video I started a
bunch of cool weather flowers and a bunch of lettuce that we’re going to be
replanting outside as soon as the winds cool down these are the cool weather
flowers and I just love to see them pop through the soil these are poppies
calendula ‘s forget-me-nots dianthus those are really beautiful cool wither
flower a lot of good it does to have a tag with no nothing on it right but I
think they’re calendula as soon as the Winkle wind dies down and is get a
little bit bigger wouldn’t be planting these outside so today what I’m doing is
I’m just watering everything I’ve got the good dirt plant food
I’ve got the Vermisterra worm tea in a pitcher of water here and when you water
your indoor seedlings you definitely want to make sure you’re doing it at
half-strength so I just cut the normal ratios in half
for this gallon the water I think I put one pump of the good dirt plant food and
I usually just kind of dump two or three capfuls of the firmest arrow worm tea in
there so half strength for your indoor seedlings and these are my backup falsly
things I planted doing really really well we’ve got some broccoli cauliflower
some red express cabbage that’s so pretty and I think we’ve got some
broccoli and cauliflower right here maybe some kohlrabi now I told you guys
a few weeks ago I was waiting for some seeds to come in the mail well they came
yesterday and what I’m gonna be replanting outside besides the seeds
from my flower from my collections my own Seed collections is some all-america
selections winners if you’re not familiar with all-america selections
they’re an organization that’s been around for many many years and they
provide varieties that have been tested in gardens across the country and then
found to be good performers so you’re getting yourself a good vegetable
variety if you can all-america selections winner and look at all these
things they sent me this is gonna be so fun and I actually asked them for a
whole bunch of cool weather vegetables but I see here they’ve sent me all kinds
of things they’ve sent me cayenne peppers every one of these envelopes are
seeds I mean this is just a gardeners heaven here so I’ve got peppers tomatoes
watermelon cucumbers okra well camouflage okra that’s gonna be fun
and I’ll probably plant the cooler vegetables at this time of the year so
red profusion zinnia wow this is like Christmas mizuna red
kingdom a mustard greens some onions patio pride peas potatoes that’s
gonna be fun I could grow potatoes from seed before baby Rose nasturtiums some
more dianthus so stick with me here because we’re gonna be starting a whole
bunch of new seeds and getting these planted outside in the winter garden so
it’s gonna be a lot of fun so let me show you what we’re doing over on the
other side of the room here we have an exciting event coming up that you are
not gonna want to miss Mac is chilling out by the back door
we are busily preparing for the Mountain Mandrian festival in Northern California
in just a couple of weeks now if you live anywhere on the west coast
especially in Northern California you do not want to miss it the Mandarin
Festival is November 22nd through 24th the whole area of Northern California
Fair is known for its mandarin oranges they have tons of beautiful mandarin
orange groves the oranges are super super sweet and the mandarin festival
has been going on for about 25 years it attracts around 35 to 40,000 people
throughout the area Smart Pots is hosting camera guy and I
at the Mandarin Festival for the weekend and we’re actually going to be promoting
the festival and bring two people up the festival it’s gonna be a ton of fun
there’s live entertainment there’s all kinds of booths we’re gonna have a booth
next to smart pots and that’s exactly what we’re preparing for right now is I
have a team of lovely ladies that are helping me put together a whole bunch of
my seed collections to bring up to the booth we’re also gonna be Bernie and
CaliKim Smart Pots up with us and I’m actually gonna be speaking on
the main stage at the festival so it’s gonna be a ton of fun I’m going to
getting a talk on container gardening and I’m not too sure what my other two
talks will be on yet but we’re working on that I really want to meet you guys
so if you’re anywhere in the area come up and meet camera guy and I and he’s
gonna be filming we’re also gonna be introducing you to the Smart Pots team
showing you some of behind the scenes of what goes on with Smart Pots talking to
them and getting to getting to know them a little bit so it’s really going to be
a ton of fun everything’s gonna be all about mandarin oranges they’re gonna
have a ton of Mandarin food mandrian drinks mandrian baked goods and Riaan
body care products anything mandarin one fun part of the weekend is going to be
the recipe judging contest and guess who’s gonna be one of the judges so
check things out at mandarin festival and come on up see camera guy Jerry
and I and also meet the smart pots gang at the Mandarin festival just got some
hot off the press news as I was filming this video Jeff at smart pots just
emailed me to let me know that the Holiday Inn in Auburn California which
is where the festival takes place is offering my followers a 15 percent
discount when you mention the Mandarin festival thank you so much Holiday Inn
this is great so if you’re on the line about whether or not you’re gonna come
to the festival this is a great way to get your lodging and a discount join
camera guy smart pops and I for all the Mandarin food the live entertainment the
fun it’s gonna be a great time and we really hope to see you guys there I’m
gonna be bringing my bring on the pollinator seed collection the lettuce
seed collection the kids beef collection microgreens small space garden and the
fall seed collection so make sure you come by and see us at our booth there’s
gonna be a little photo booth where we can get pictures sign autographs just
talk with you a little bit find out how your garden is doing and it’s just gonna
be a ton of fun so make sure you come up and see us one thing I’m also gonna be
working on today is my book so my book release date is December 24th so it’s
coming up soon and I cannot wait for you guys to read it
it’s called organic gardening for everyone that’s just a printed I
print out of the front cover and the back cover gives a little synopsis of
what the book is all about I’m gonna teach you in the book and show you how
to start simple expand later save money from starting by starting from seed how
to install a drip irrigation system how to set up garden beds how to prepare
your soil it’s all about how to start your garden and grow your own organic
vegetables with no experience required but I am working with my publisher to
get my book into a lot of independent garden centers little small little gift
shops and boutiques if you have any stores like that near you you can email
me at [email protected] and we’ll try and contact them
and get my book into those stores as well the release date is coming up it’s
December the 24th so things are really getting exciting we’re starting to
schedule some book signings I’m speaking but if you want a copy of my book you
can grab that over my website and you can pre-order
it now so I’m going to take you upstairs today at CaliKim HQ somewhere where
we don’t normally go actually how my office up here once our daughter moved
out I took over her room for our office and it’s where we packed a lot of
our seed collections and I actually have one of my team members is here her name is
Kara and I thought you guys would like to meet her bringing her a smoothie so
Kara likes the berry smoothies with kale in them and Kara she comes a couple days
after school and if you guys have gotten one of my sead collections most likely
she’s she’s packed it for you she does a great job hand packs all the seed
collections packs them with love and she likes to
tell her friends that she’s in the seed business so we have a lot of fun Kara
which one are you working on today I’m working on the fall garden collection so
we’re getting ready for the show it’s been a lot of work right yeah but she’s
doing a great job working some extra hours and you can see all the little
seed envelopes laid out here there’s 15 in the fall garden collection
I think the label it’s like right over there I don’t because yeah there we go
so she’s working hard packing your seats for you guys
and hopefully we get to see you at a few weeks in the festival well the wind is
howling outside drew is actually home from school today all the schools are
closed and you want to take a few minutes to snuggle with Mac because you
can see we have a lot to get done today but Drew’s gonna be-what hanging out
yeah playing guitar are you gonna help me put all my seed collections
together back there but hope you guys enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes
look at CaliKim HQ if you’re out there and the winds and the fires please stay
safe stay inside all right guys thanks so much for watching see on the next
video bye bye max say goodbye to everybody there we go there we go all right guys see you later