UofL dedicates Bowling Study Area in Ekstrom Library

Um, let me welcome each of you and thank
each of you for being here for this very special occasion like the
University of Louisville, this very special dedication ceremony. This has been a very special week for us at
the University of Louisville. Ten years ago we began a new tradition
at the University of Louisville called our State of the University and the State of the University was an
opportunity for us to have a convocation, a faculty and students
staff convocation, to a really celebrate the excitement of
a new academic year. In the first year the State of the University was a
convocation and that was it. But over 10 years the State of the University’s grown
into a week of activities. And so we actually kicked off the State of
the University last Thursday. We tried something new this year. They
wanted me to teach an economics course so I did. People showed up. I didn’t know if they
would show up but there were about 250 who showed up. Most of them stayed awake
during my lecture. You know you’re losing students in this
day and time, if you know they’re awake but you see them looking down and they’re
texting and that type of thing but so there wasn’t too much of that. But that’s how we
kicked off the State of the University. And then on
Friday we had a picnic here in the Quadrangle with over 3,000
people, faculty and staff, from both this campus and the
health science campus. We had the football game on Saturday. We had a celebration of our
outstanding a faculty on Monday night. We had a
convocation- we had a symposium colloquium yesterday. We had a devotional
service this morning and now this and then we’ll conclude the
week with the State of the University convocation at 2:30. So thank you for being here and being part of this very special
week and this very special dedication. I’m
gonna go a little bit long. I am a classroom teacher and sometimes still those roots kind of show, so I’m
gonna talk a little bit longer than I probably should. But I’m gonna tell you a couple stories of
how we got to where we are today. About fifteen
years ago I was at the University of North
Carolina-Chapel Hill. Lived in North Carolina. I was on a National Board with a
gentleman from Connecticut, named Bill Nightingale. And so I would see
Bill every three months at a meeting and Bill
would always say, “Jim. I know you have Kentucky roots and
you’re proud of your Kentucky heritage and tradition.” He said, “There is this beautiful person,
this wonderful person back in connecticut and she has deep
Kentucky roots. She’s proud to be a Kentuckian and she talks about Kentucky and sometime you all need to meet. And at
the time, living in North Carolina, I thought well, you know I’m no longer in Kentucky and I
don’t know how we would arrange this meeting and so forth. But life is great and it’s funny
and strange sometimes. A couple years later I was asked to come
back to Kentucky and then subsequent to that I was asked to come into this position. I
was still seeing Bill every three months and he was still prompting me to get together and of
course the person I’m talking about is Ann Bowling. And so the way we finally
got together, Ann was serving on the board at Berea
College and also served on the board in Midway
College, Board of Trustees regions. And so she was in town, she was in the
state, actually Berea, for a board meeting and I was doing some work for the
University in Lexington and so our first meeting was at the, what do they call the… Spindletop!
I was going to call it something else. Spindletop, which is actually on the
campus of the University of Kentucky. So Ann was
here for Berea and I was UofL but we actually met at UK. Since that period of time I I’ve gotten to know Ann and she has
been everything and more than what Bill
Nightingale had said when he described her as a
wonderful individual, an amazing person and someone very special. Ann is all those things and more. Ann and I have gotten to know each other over the last eleven or twelve years. It’s
been mostly long distance. We try to get together whenever we can in New York or sometimes in Florida. But more often than not we correspond
with sort of a lost art through our letters. And I love receiving, receiving letters from Ann. She tells me
about the family and her children and her grandchildren, what they’re up to. She inquires about my family. We talk
about our trips, our family trips and we compare notes. Some of the great trips that they’ve been
able to do as a family and some of the trips that we’ve tried to do. And then in every letter Ann finishes with a very encouraging and very
inspirational note. And when I finish reading those
letters I really have to smile and thank Ann for her friendship and for her
encouragement and inspiration to me. I did not know her late husband Jim
Bowling. I’d read a lot about Jim. Ann has talked about Jim and told me a
lot about Jim and then many others, Ann and Stew here, but many of the
contemporaries of Ann and Jim at the University of Louisville, particularly David Jones and Betty Jones have talked
a lot about Jim and Ann Bowling. I wish I could have
known and had the opportunity to know Jim. I know
it’s hard with the loss of a loved one to carry on but Ann is a strong individual. She’s a
wonderful parent, grandparent. Again we’ve talked
about her many trips with her family and compared notes. Ann and Jim have always been committed to Kentucky
and giving back to their home state. And I know they’ve provided financial
support to the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, Berea, and Midway
and probably even more organizations. Jim served on
the Midway and Berea College Boards. Then Ann took his
place and now one of Ann’s daughters is on the
Berea board and another daughter is on the Midway board. Again Ann and I tried to get together whenever we can but it’s sometimes hard and I’ll, one time when I came to visit
her at Windsor, she said no more of these trips if you’re
just gonna drive in here for lunch and then leave. So we’ve had the
opportunity to stay with Ann, but I do wish that we had more time together. Ann Bowling is one the most
special people that I know. On those days when I am
discouraged and down, I think of Ann. I think of her encouragement or
inspiration and yes even her admonishment for me to hang in there and always do what is right and what is
right for our students. Last August, Ann and Jane and I were having
dinner at the Brown Hotel and we’re having a
wonderful discussion and Ann indicated that she wanted to make
an additional gift to the University of Louisville
and she wanted to do it in four installments and she asked me what were some projects that were important to the
University and the funds could be used for. Well that brings in Justin, Justin
Brandt, our student government president from last year. And we have an incredible project under
construction kind of across the way here. Gonna be a
magnificent project for our students, our Student Rec Center. And that project would not be taking
place if it were not for our student government. They they drove this project. They put the plans together, visited other
schools. That’s a high-profile project. But Justin
said we’ve got another project that is very important to the students and it’s not as high profile, not as expensive, but it’s very
important and that was the renovation of the quiet
area here on the 4th floor of the Ekstrom Library. The Ekstrom Library
truly is a hub of student life here at the University of Louisville. And so Justin had presented an idea to me earlier, asked for money which I didn’t
have, and but it was to spruce this up and so the the the building, we did our renovation a number of years ago, but the
original building was done in 1981. So the carpet in here was 1981. Much of the furniture 1981. In fact, they were telling me, Dean Fox, that
there was actually some furniture in here that goes all the way back to the
nineteen fifties. And so this area since it was built had
never really gone through a refurbishment and
renovation or and it’s very important area to our
students. And you know now everyone has to have their
plugins for their iPhones and their iPads. We didn’t have any electrical outlets. So I went back to an Ann and indicated that we would like to propose that part of her gift be used for this
project. And so one of the things I said to Ann is let’s see if we can get Justin and Dean Fox to match your gift. And so I don’t want to tell them this but I
guess I will. I already had the money set aside if you
hadn’t raised the money but they raised the money I’m very g- so that’s great. And so that’s what brings
us to the day when we dedicate the Ann and Jim Bowling quiet study area in the Ekstrom Library on the fourth floor. Now you’ll have an opportunity to meet Ann
in just a second. She’ll be the last presenter and so at this time I’d like to ask Justin to
come forward and then and now he’s going to introduce
Carrie Mattingly, the current president of SGA. Carrie was
part of Justin’s administration last year and we’re very fortunate at the University
of Louisville that we’ve just had outstanding leadership in student government and Justin’s been
part of that and you see the kinds of things that our student government is able to get
done from student rec centers to taking areas like this and really
improving them and making them better for our students. Justin has traveled
all night on bus from Chicago to be with us. Justin Brandt. Thank You President ramzi as always the
transformation this campus is gone through sent even president here is truly
amazing in this is just one of those examples of how you’ve
managed to take a campus and just take it to the next level so thank you for continuing to always listen to
students at the st. level on the scene other STF ishmael sometimes
there’s not always that on working together mentality in present
really present rains really listen to us not only said oh yeah that’s a good idea
he went out and made the connection for us and made
our goal possibility and we definitely attended thank for
that I’m a reason this is really personal for me
is action library was kinda my home away from home for my first two years of
college I would come here most every night I
just to study hang out with friends is where it came to love the University of
war and more often than not I would find
students playing territorial games for outlets and you know uncomfortably shifting in
nineteen eighties furniture and actually thought that was kinda machine
because this is one of the most trafficked areas on campus as you look across the country and even
across the state the campus library is the quintessential building I’m where a lot of things go and that’s
kind of the image at the University in as it should be as a place of learning so when I someone
dean fox came in my junior year and was looking for a
committee undergraduate students to voice their feedback on how we can
improve the library’s I was very excited to be a part of that
andean fox really delivered we did a survey to students which found what we pretty much already knew
but we got some statistical evidence that the outlets weren’t there the furniture
was out today there really wasn’t a place we could go on effectively study
quietly and we found that this wasn’t a need
that we could solve with just a little bit of money and the
right finding the right people pushing it forward and today I I just saw today and I’m
really happy to see it I I think it’s great I think what it’ll do is it all finally
makers place where students will know that it’s
quiet and will be a place for people who really wanna sit down and say hi will have nice
furniture get biting get electricity and I just brings us to the 21st century
University that we want to be miss boy I can’t thank you enough on you
really when president Randy so that we had a donor and that’s gonna believe it I’m you know I expects you know you hear
things next year you know you can have all these great ideas but eventually you’re gonna run into you
know we don’t have money for that or we’re gonna focus on a different
initiatives and the fact that that you know an idea
that we had a student senate a direct benefit for us was able to
become a reality really invigorated not just myself my
exact team but the SCAA and for years to come it’ll be an
example love know if you asking you put the work in people will believe in you
support your cause so I really appreciate everything that
you’ve done with that I’m gonna and in turn it over
to the Kern St president I miss Billy been a great pleasure you
need to know carry over the last three years she’s one of the hardest-working people
I know she’s really involved in STA her sorority and a may should be
able to use this new 44 SWE said she says for the LSATs in October thank you all and all season thank you just sending good morning as
Justin said I’m carry mattingly and I’m currently serving a student body
president and last year had a great privilege of serving as
academic vice president and his administration there many people here today to thank
for this outstanding student project including the SJ leadership both passed
in current president ramzi Indian box for helping
us make it happen but especially missus and bowling as I said my previous position academic
vice-president academics have a special place in my
heart and it really and makes me happy to say that we had a
willingness to contribute to somewhere that would foster academic excellence
for years to come and it’s definitely not always the case
that as she has an initiative that we start in both finished the same here so
that was definitely something that that we M are very very proud a in last
year’s administration and the senior now and I say that I
haven’t spent nearly as much time studying in the library as one might its expect mostly because quiet study spaces
are sometimes hard to come by but I’m excited to say that the
accessibility comforting usefulness at this newly renovated fourth floor is something that all students are
noticing and many are already using even though we haven’t even hit midterm
in the coming year I look forward to seeing the continued success at this
pace as far as the extra my very as a whole with that I’d like to introduce an
outstanding student advocate on your votes campus dean of libraries team talks in 1981
when the next time I bring open they had a dedication brochure and the brochure said they made the
building adaptable to the radical changes in library resources and
services that may be anticipated in future years and if you read a little bit further but
then it was they didn’t build waterfalls they might be flexible I receive heard
they didn’t anticipate that we needed electrical outlets for that I always joke better when they
don’t this building he probably needed an outlet for the IBM electric typewriter in the dean’s office
that was about it I you know doctor Ramsey Rd noted that the
students today have the iPad’s the iPhones they didn’t anticipate back
then laptop computers let alone actually any computer to be in this building I so
it’s had quite a bit have changed over the
years since I’ve been a library main character
i keeping dire predictions that libraries are gonna disappear yet they don’t a and doctrine denoted that the extra migrate to have a student
life in truly is our gate count last year was three million so even with the records freshman class
all of our students get all over students all over faculty of our staff
together 220 visits per year for everybody entire universe divall control vibrators
incredible amount of these is that we have in the spaces if you ask students why they come into
the spaces though are you may be injured maybe actually
very interesting for you probably not what you think the first
used they say is they need quite study space they wanna Rec Center they they one st
activity center they want new dorms the that they
weren’t attorney houses but when they want to come and study some place to
come to the library identified that is the place they wanna
go to the second place they’ve identified as its second-biggest uses group study uses
collaborative projects against me third on the list is hard
copy resources you know you think I’ve electronics
nowadays but why do people come in the library so I still checking out or books and our special collections continue to
grow we’re research library we have primary source for materials for that no one else in the
entire world house and people coming to use those materials yet to get down to fourth on the list to
get electronic resources people can actually coming in we have a
virtual I brief they want to do that they can do that without walk in the
building but three million people last year came
through these doors to use what we have here if yes didn’t know what we need to do
tax improve the space as Justin mentioned electricity was
first in the added over five heard electrical outlets just on the old side
as last year but to working with Justin and Carsten
advisory board in SJ we identified the space I azinger a to improve to make quite study
space for that for the next year and I one thing just for all the work he
did he really cared for week began helped
come up with a plan but just into the forward I 22 the administration or think doctor
ramzi for listening to the students I it’s pretty incredible actually to
listen to the students in here what they needed with the need on campus and then follow
through to identify funding if we hadn’t had that it would have
happened a I want to think a reef Rd reaching out I
have high idea of what we can do with his TA this next year we want to keep working with them this
is in stop its just one stop from on our progress by certainly one thing
kinda and bowling I not just for this gift if she had made
this gift is we wouldn’t be here today first ball
this project is because it the league if it’s made but she’s been an ongoing support this
wasn’t a first get that she’s made to the library since porn lovers for a
number of years here and our students benefit from that their
continued support arm as doctor NZ indicated we use missus
bones gift as a challenge and our development answer and I went
out to meet we did some fundraising a as number for other donors are here today
allan park an opponent them Rd Peter I a number for library
employees actually donated we we had payroll deduction for folks they were
given just a few dollars per pay period but they consider this project they
wanted to help match that gift and we did our reach the gift entirely
with private funding there no state funds that went into this
project at all I I’d also like to thank a numbers library
folks that help to spur with with both the fundraising and also developing a plan for this what
we see around us I didn’t invest it was ok there’s a
group project was everyone had our part to do this and so certainly I hope factor this will
be the last time we all get together the other spaces the newly renovated no
ivory as well a serve everyone to keep moving forward
with that but I it is really a it is to have a
campus and we need to keep investing in it to make it make sure that are we’re honoring the
legacy that they went be put into this building 1981 to
make the place for students to be successful with that I would like to introduce
missus bowling a and I know she has some family members
her her daughter is here with her family in 10 thank you for for 10 in today’s
world misses ball here I can’t possibly a stand up my are ever achieved armed being the person that has been that a
man described s I’m not saying it very well I’m a bit
overwhelmed thomas et I do welcome aren’t you thank
you for being here specially present ramzi Andy box and Justin Carey and my family and all the students especially without you there would be no
University I one end to do something that would directly effect even as you now know
doctor Ramsey had this idea which please me know when and it gives
me so much pleasure that it’s in the extra marbury I was so
fortunate to be a student here when Doc extreme
taught and we used to stand in line for hours
and fight to get in his classes we didn’t
have any technology you had to stand in the lines when it
was raining whenever hi that he was a superb teacher
he was tough but he was super and he was fair his test great literature was to reread each book each year that he signed it and he did not get something new from
the book replaced it with another he became a
friend at gyms in mind and visited a few times when this in connecticut he
was a very special person so I am so happy that this center for
these you students is here in his life thank you here go