Noah- Oooh my name’s Keith. put more fingers up my bum *wheeze* Shayne – I want more! Keith – Alright guys, this is Smosh Squad here with our friend Damien right here. We’re playing ‘Try Not To Laugh’ once again, alright and you know the rules of this game is no touching just make them laugh. We’ll have water in our mouths as well, and you spray out some water you pretty much lose. Really guys, try to make me laugh this time because last time you didn’t. Shayne – Try not to let your water break, That’s the whole point Keith – Exactly. Come on guys, make me laugh! Courtney – Your in the hot seat, Shayne/Courtney – Let’s go! Olivia – Hi, I’m Chinese! Damien- *laughs* That didn’t work! So, How about the Intergalactwhip? AHHHHHHH *inaudiable* Intergalactwhip Okay, I give up! Courtney – Aw, great job, Olivia! Damien – Hi, My name is Randall Beavers and this is my case for why I’m the coolest kid in sixth grade. *imitating keith* Courtney – Don’t swallow it! Damien – Grandma it came true! Everything you said came true! Shayne- *laughs his butt off* — I’m just kidding, my grandma’s dead. Keith – That was really close, that – no because as soon as you did the that you already know that’s my thing. Damien- that’s your thing. Damien – You like it when i spit up on myself a little bit That’s funny for you Courtney, singing – if I Should sta- Shayne, in the background – yeAH Keith – that was you got me, you got me Noah – oh, my god i’m so happy how, that I’m the only one who survived this cruise ship crashing. Oh my, god Luckily I was able to survive on nothin’ but Boy, stig’s in this ocean TIME Courtney: He’s still bobbing in the ocean Keith: You almost messed me up dude. Shayne – Eminem Keith leak, you’re weak; you wanna look into your crappy life? – well here’s a sneak peek Oh, don’t use your make-a-wish on this dumb bish – but it’s not a sin to keep around a dirty napkin I’d give nine lives to see those who could drive so you’re out – you smell like a dirty trout Shayne – come on! Just laugh, you son of a bitch! Goddamnit! *Everyone’s laughing* Keith – Don’d /ever/ call me out – call me out for having napkins in my pocket all the time Hold on – hold on, I got a napkin in my pocket right here! Shayne – I can go cause i’m gonna win Courtney – Well, now I’m determined. Shayne – You’re, determined Courtney – how determined are you? all right – just put time on the clock Shayne – all right – you ready, Courtney? You ready? i’LL GIVE YOU THE BEST, THE BEST – (slow mo replay) Shayne, in the background – HE PULLED IT OUT OF HIS BUTTHOLE Damien- Does my, baby feeding in public, make you uncomfortable This is natural. She starting college at Brown in the fall With women’s studies, and a minor in telekinesis. I’m plumb dry on the righty Shane: she’s actually leaving se– oh, my god Keith: Where’d she go? Noah- Wanna cop a feel girl? C’mon feel Look I got muscles got my muscles, feel my muscles. feel my muscles Feel my muscles! Feel my muscles! I’ve got Muscles! Keith: She spit Courtney: I Was so close with everybody, Shane you’re stupid. Shane: I use an inside joke so it’s not fair. Courtney: we’re standing in line for pirates i could see the tower of the tarzan ride and ride the tippy-top there’s a pigeon up there and I just lost it. cause like- Shane: and the wind was blowing so his feathers were blowing, Courtney He had the best life That’s everything a bird has to do is just be up there Shane- Courtney just points out it just goes “I’LL GIVE YA THE BEST”, and I’m just like what? Damien- so you made you laugh. Shane: Yeah Shane- Fun fact Damien i used to play this on set that’s ‘So Random’ i would take a swig of water and he would do this Character, what was the character called? Damien : you’ll- They’ll see Shane: Okay, you’ll see the character Damien: One please. women huh! I tell you what buddy, i’ve been talking with, my girlfriend for a day and a half. Turns out she’s a sculpture I made out of butter and chives I wanted to add Swiss chard to mimic the lady business ya know Off to a great start alright Courtney: Hey big boy Keith(ebonics): its not keith it’s Bobby from the block, See this the thing my mom always makes me do school plays and don’t never want to I come and I do it And I be like “why am I here I just see all these little white kids” And i’m just like Y’ALL AIN’T EVEN READY FOR THEATER! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! LIKE SHE ALWAYS SAY- SHE BE LIKE- SHE BE LIKE- SHE BE LIKE- MY MOM- MY MOM- MY MOM SAY- MY MOM SAY- SHE SAY- SHE SAID KEITH, I MEAN- I MEAN BOBBY GO TO- GO TO SCHOOL AND BE IN YOUR PLAYS CAUSE YOU MIGHT BE A FAMOUS ACTOR ONE DAY AN I WAS LIKE I DONT WANT TO BE A FAMOUS ACTOR Olivia: I have a song that I wrote for you, okay? are you ready Shayne! Grain pain stain!.. I don’t know anymore *opens can of soda* Keith: Yes!! Commitment Noah!! Courtney: YEEEAAAH NOAHH Yo, the fizz, sounded really cool, Shane: that, was some commitment alright that was a rough round Uhh everybody, brought a lot to the table Damien: What’s up man my, name is Chet nice to meet you. So your parents paid for 15 minutes so it’s whatever you want Courtney: WOAH OH MY GOD!! WOAH Olivia: Well you see I am a banana tree Shane: He’s probably putting So much water in his mouth Courtney: Shane do something funny. Okay *ShaYne farts* Noah: So dumb I felt the pressure oh my goodness Damien: That registered as a .8. Noah: everyone’s really funny Keith screams* Shayne: *shouts* Shayne: *shouts* Shayne: *shouts* Shane: Thanks for coming to my communion um really, weird they’re, about to like just douse, me what’s up yeah they’re more of like a square Oh, yes, oh yes, oh yes? yes, yes Damien: Hey olivia I wanted to get your advice on something i recently found out that i am i’m i found out that i am chinese I know nothing, about the culture Keith: Stop stop Damien: Im really going to need a lot of help To be authentic in my everyday life to myself Noah: America so beautiful, among the fruited plains America, america god shed is mountainsides? olivia: Courtney was so funny, because me and Courtney we do this But what made me really really laugh, was this dude i don’t know, why there’s something about you Courtney: the shape of the coat On you. Olivia: i just really liked the way you came out, you’re just so dumb. Noah: thank you Hi, there i’m James Blunt. You’re beautiful you’re, beautiful and i saw your face you know, crowded place and i don’t know what to do Hello, my name is Princess Ebony and i want you to be my man, oh, my god no no no? This is now your baby I want you To, take care of me and this baby forever to death do us part do you hear me do you will you The surprise baby gets me every time Next up at the giggle hut, it’s bats mckenzie, with his broccoli bit My, name is princess yellow and uhh, i want you to be my man Oh, oh! thats your baby now Shane:Its Literally a reboot. Damien: i’m sorry princess yellow got me Courtney: Hey, i’m princess peach JUST KIDDING IM A PERSON STUCK INSIDE OF A WOLF PLEASE HELP ME OUT OF HERE IM STUCK INSIDE OF THIS ANIMALS HEAD GET ME OUT IT’S LIKE 110 ((in Farinhiet)) IN HERE HELP ME OUT!!! UGGHHHH!!!! Damien: ooof, My jaw That was not easy it is clear to, me that princess peach based humour is is what gets me. Courtney: Next, we’re gonna do the gang up round Where one person is in the hot seat and then the whole group has 30 seconds to make them laugh Kieth: Alright, I’m sitting down first. Damien: Game on. Damien: Uh oh Noah: Sorry brother Keith: It’s okay Shayne: Whaaaaat? It worked he spit it back at me. Damien: And now, a night at the opera hamilton Yeah, well it’ll be a? Wake, yeah, life, birth to my son and could ascend tween us acceptable Shane i have a, song for you, okay shane Green i got a stain? I’m not interrupt if you, want to watch, my mom give a water birth at 8 p.m.. We’re gonna all go to the Alleyway, supposed to be three kids this time If you, had been able to suck in the entire cheese Will you dress up like a nun and stick peanut butter at, me, my place my job no do you, think the person Who invented noodles tried to strain dough through their teeth you think you’re happening that way it happened that what you think you Happened that way? Trust olivia she can do it, well never mind she can’t do it anyway My, son is a slippery i like, where you help me drowning Until the last bubble stop, and then we’re good Will you help, me drown, my son Do this this is so fun i loved it yeah, that’s, sad string cheese Oh i got stepped on by a van a lot a lot of food was involved Costumes babies baby a lot of water a lot of water if anyone has never put anything The next time i’m gonna shower all poor lacroix out me, yes me and you very fun yet Well i’m over on the smoshgames side of things or on all the socials i’m at damian house Thank, you guys so much yes we’re watching, keep watching our videos and we love you guys so much uh, yeah, subscribe comment down below if you laugh