Trea Turner: Fastest Player In MLB? | No Days Off

If I’m the fastest person baseball, cool, if I’m not, so be it I’m going to try to you know, take those extra bases and umm steal as many bags as I can for my team. for you know for my team… Trea Turner’s too fast for the Mets There’s no way they’ll get Trea Turner Turner running! He’s gonna steal third without a throw There goes Turner, it’s a three bagger for Trea Turner The Burner This kid ain’t going nowhere I’ll tell you that right now For right-handed hitter, average time from home to first is 4.3, above average 4.2 Fly-in is 4.0. Trea Turner just ran a 3.4 to first on this ground ball to second. 3.4! It’s very nice having you know the speed for all aspects of the game. Playing defense, make up speed, Getting the ball that other guys don’t get to or even beating out a ground ball. You know I think that’s you know confidence and see sure you’re on base. I mean you’re you know in the game Speed around the bases and speed in the outfield That’s actually even a lot different than when I came here And I was only two years ago or so You know pretty cool to see just things change [they] already you [have] baseball skills The electric part of this game as far as the speed and explosiveness came later here at NC state Here at MC state they just told me to run as much as i could basically it’s just like anything else defense offenses It’s-it’s Confidence coming into the you know basketball gym to condition Doing broad jumps little explosive stuff little bit more planets some ladder work and then some Sprint work I think speed always you know huge for me. It’s a matter of Using it each and every time I came The weight room I think is very useful but you could also use in the wrong way Being healthy you know. I think it’s the thing I’ve learned you can play tired. It’s hard to play You know injured let’s time in the later in the season your legs start to go a little bit you know you feel weaker pushing your legs, so Do you like sled pulls and sled pushes? you have to be explosive at any you know any given time whether you know [0] to [100] really really quick and So a lot of times when we train we do you know plyometrics and stuff like that It’s kind of what I was focused on. They’re trying to be explosive I’m a little hard-headed when it comes to the speed because you know just be guy you can bunt And I don’t like to bond I like to Hit the ball because if I get [out] bonding I got just felt like you know I could have hit that pitch For a double or whatever it may be so I’m pretty stubborn with the pond even with this speed He has you know he can hit you guys seen it you can hit doubles and home runs, and he’s got real bat speed 1:30PM No, I don’t I’m not trying to hit 500 foot home runs. Every at-bat because it’s not going to run my game That’s not how I help my [team] in the cage. I’m very particular What I want because it only gets harder in the game, so if I’m swinging at bad pitches in the cage And I was filling it even worst pitches in the game. I’m popping up in the cage I’m gonna either poppy [be] even worse or swing and miss in a game, so I’m very particular and when I look for and I’m very hard on myself because you know I like to practice and try to be perfect and if I’m not And then hopefully I fall somewhere [as] close to that so I can uh you know have success and and enjoyed it I always pride myself and being a good hitter and you know being a tough out, but you know as a speed guy They’re [Gonna] throw strikes to you. They don’t want do You know walk you so now I? See what they’re [doing] to me And you know I decide how I want to attack if I want to be aggressive and swing at the first Edge route I want to see something and that’s why I’m gonna try to do is try [to] be in a good position to Hit the pitch. I want to hit and then If I walk I walk if I don’t I don’t but hopefully you know I get on basically I was a little surprised about you know the success. I had just because Plating up guys that you know place so much more baseball means [toughs] going out there every single day and having to compete Because if you’re not prepared every day, you know they’ll get to you You can learn a lot from watching other guys Especially [Bryce] because games not easy doesn’t matter who you are doesn’t matter if you want to eat the [Kandy] team You know the previous year that? They’re still going to attack you. They’re still going to You know try to get you out and do whatever they can to do that? So it just reassures me that I need to be competitive each and every abet because nobody’s going to hand you anything You do it. You know always be prepared You can’t get lazy Roshan with that one opportunity that they give you an [injury] a big [grand] [jury] [and] sugar is the fourth National with 30 steals of the season When you do stuff like you know as a little kid play basketball play different sports do different things you learn some athleticism And so I try to do a little bit of both I try to you know specialize with the same time. I try to use my athletic good. You know how benefit of mine No, I mean he can be a sore loser occasionally But he usually doesn’t lose so I don’t think you have to worry about that too often but now he’s fun This is fun to play with Friends or you know what makes anything special. I still keep in touch with young guys close to from Because I’m close with in Florida. I think [you] know that that [makes] the day more enjoyable Not to say that play baseball for living isn’t fun It’s obviously very fun, but you know I think what makes it even more fun you know there’s moments you have with guys the Jokey Africa Clubhouse or in the weight room and I Enjoy hanging out with those guys [and] we do it every [day] You know it’s hard to do something every single day not have fun So we try to make mostly great character [makeups] and got a guy you want [in] your [club] [outs] No doubt about it normal guy normal kid [and] try to have fun And you know I look like a baby so a lot of [times] [too]. Nobody even [recognized] me and go all over the place and That it doesn’t matter so but that’s how I’d like it be just be onto the radar