Top 10 Scary Video Game Urban Legends

I’m very excited for this, everyone who knows
me knows I love a good video game, and you guys all know I love creepy stories – this
video is gonna be a match made in heaven. Video games as we know them have been around
for about 50 years – not too long, but enough time for some very creepy stories to emerge
about them. It turns out that games can be haunted, games
can be more creepy that you can imagine, some games have even caused terrible events and
curses to happen in real life. You need to know what to watch out for before
its too late. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top
10 Video Game Urban Legends. Coming in at number 10 we have The Super Mario
Shadow People. Super Mario Galaxy is a game known for pure
fun – bright colors, familiar faces and a whole lot of bouncing around. Its also gained a reputation for featuring
the Shadow People. At the beginning of the Shiverburn Galaxy
level, strange shadowy figures can be seen at the top of the cliff in the background. At first, many people brushed this off as
just peoples imagination running wild. Then someone took the initiative to look through
the game files. They found that the name of the background
image is -Hell Valley Sky Tree- … umm, who said anything about Hell Valley. The internet exploded with conversation. Who were these shadow people, always watching
you, even though you can never get any closer to them – and nobody ever mentions them. Some people have tried to explain these away
as trees but others say, I ain’t seen no trees that look like that. Its one of those things where if Nintendo
actually acknowledged it, it may not be so creepy, but the fact that they have refused
to means people are still left wondering who the Shadow People of Hell Valley are … Next, up at number 9, we have The Hall of
Tortured Souls. This is a well-known Easter egg that was hidden
in the coding of Windows 95. Deep in the coding of the Windows 95 software,
there is a hidden game. Nobody knows who found it first, but this
is how you do it. To enter the game, go to Microsoft Excel 95. Open a new blank Excel worksheet. Go down to the 95th row and select the whole
row. Tab over to column B. Goes to help / about. Tap and hold control alt and shift and then
click the tech support button. Then, the game will appear. Its called -Hall of Tortured Souls-. Players use their arrow keys to move in 8
different directions, eventually, you will find a staircase. The walls are surrounded by the text of the
creators. On the next level, there is a small room with
red walls. Again, the names of the creators will flash
up on the screen. Go down and enter the room where you were
before. Type the magic world EXCELKFA. Another room will open where you have to follow
a zig-zagging black path. Eventually, you will find the end of the game
– a picture of the developers of the software. The whole thing is a little unnerving. Even though the game has been discovered and
completed, many people are creeped out by its name – Hall of Tortured Souls – … they
feel there may be something much darker hidden deeper in that game, maybe you’ll be the one
to find it … Next up at number 8, we have Polybius. Some call this the most dangerous video game
ever made. The story begins in Portland in 1981. A local arcade hall was attracting more visitors
than normal. All the games were busy but only one had a
long line of people wanting to play – a new game – Polybius. The players couldn’t stop playing. When they were finally forced off it, they
began to act strangely. They felt nauseous, stressed and had terrifying
nightmares, others had seizures. There were even reports of all the madness
forcing people to suicide. The one common thing that everyone felt was
that they were unable to control their own thoughts. Then, people began to notice that the game
was being serviced a lot more than usual. Other games might get checked by technicians
once a month, but Polybius was being checked every week. Men in black suits would come, record its
data and leave – they would never take the coins and seem to have no interest in the
money. After a while of this, the mysterious arcade
game vanished as soon as it arrived – taken by the same men in suits. People believed that the men and the machine
were from the CIA – that it was all part of a mind control program – an experiment that
was sending subliminal messages to players. So – was there any truth to this? That’s the faith you need to put into the
story. The story has been repeated and spread for
almost 40 years now but its hard to verify as the arcade machine and the men who monitored
it disappeared without a trace. If this program has continued to modern times
though, perhaps they’ve just got better at hiding their experiments. Next, up at number 7 we have The Ghost of
GTA V. Its been almost 5 years since GTA 5 was released and by now it seems that players
really have discovered every last secret and easter egg the game has been hiding. One of them sticks out as a lot more creepy
than others though. Near the peak of Mount Gordo, there is a flat
rock on the ground which bears the word JOCK, written in blood. Between 11 PM and midnight in the game, the
player can see the ghost of a woman appear near the rock with long black hair and wearing
a white dress. She is said to be the ghost of Jolene Cranley
Evans. She was the wife of Jock Cranley, a famous
stunt double in the game from years ago. The story goes that she didn’t want to move
from their home near Mount Gordo to the city of Los Santos so that Jock could pursue his
stunt double career. He took her up for a walk on the mountain
and pushed her off where she fell to her death. He was arrested but released due to lack of
evidence. Now, she haunts the mountain in the game. If players go to a nearby campsite they can
hear screaming or an incomprehensible whispering sound which, if played backward, says let’s
see your shot. If you try to approach her ghost, she will
vanish into the night … Next up at number 6 we have Luigi Is Dead. There’s something you Luigi fans never want
to hear. However, there are clues in some Super Mario
games that he really is. In Luigi’s Mansion, during the blackout that
happens after the Boss battle of Area 3, Luigi journeys to the telephone room and answers
two calls. During these calls, while Luigi is holding
the phone to his ear, the player must wait until there is a lightning flash and then
they will see that Luigis Shadow has been twisted into a way that looks like he’s been
hanged. Now, some say this shadow is the metaphorical
shadow of a much darker game than what was actually released – it’s just that they forgot
to take this part out. Others say this was intentional and nod from
the developers to the fact that Luigi has been dead for many years – he killed himself
after always having to live in the shadow of his more popular and famous brother. Nintendo says its just a glitch, but others
say that’s just a coverup and as much as Nintendo fans don’t want to hear it – Luigi is dead. Next up at number 5 now we have Lavender Town. Those of you that have played the original
Pokemon games on Gameboy may already be familiar with how creepy Lavender Town is. I mean, the whole town is based around dead
Pokemon – that’s kinda the point – but there is a story that goes way deeper and darker
than you know. Following the release of Pokemon Red and Green,
there were a number of reported child suicides in Japan. When players got to Lavender Town, the music
had a strange effect on them. Let’s hear it really quick as a reminder. People said the song was created with a hidden
code that would drive children to kill themselves. The subliminal code used very high frequencies,
ones that only young kids can hear and not adults. This became known as Lavender Town Syndrome. Two hundred suicide supposedly committed suicide
because of this, and many more developed illnesses and afflictions. The children who committed suicide usually
did so by hanging or jumping from heights. Those who did not succumb to the suicidal
pull still complained of severe headaches after listening to the Lavender Towns theme. According to the legend, the developers in
Japan were forced to fix the frequency of the song to be at a lower frequency before
international release. That’s the -safe- version you and I and many
others have heard – but they say the real version can still be found out there, waiting
for its next victim … Moving on to number 4 now we have the Xbox
Voices. When the Xbox was first released in 2001,
it was praised for its power and cutting-edge technology. Microsoft didn’t want to waste all of that
when the console wasn’t being used and so they added some ambient noises which played
while it was idle. These noises started out normal at first but
quickly got very strange. People said it sounded like the console was
channeling voices from the dead. Naturally, people wanted answers from Microsoft. Was this some sort of subliminal messaging? Was it supposed to influence dreams when players
fall asleep with the console on in the room? Well, the company said it wasn’t actually
their own music, it was public domain audio from NASA transmissions from the Apollo Missions. For those of you that don’t know, these were
the missions that went to the moon. If you think you can handle it, Id recommends
listening to the whole thing. People report hearing robotic voices, whispers,
and even Halloween music. Either people are imagining things or Microsoft
and NASA have some explaining to do. Next up at number 3, we have Killswitch. This game is just straight up creepy – if
it does actually exist. You see, back in 1989, this game was released
in which the player had the choice of playing either a Ghast or Porto. It was nearly impossible to play as Ghast
as he was invincible which meant that almost everyone chose Porto. Items you’ve found appear at the bottom of
the screen. You find pieces of a tape recorder and could
listen to events that transformed the mine you’re in into the hell that it became. The game was very, hollow, empty, confusing
and just creepy all around – but the weirdest part is yet to come. The story goes that if anyone does complete
the game, Killswitch is designed to self-terminate. It deletes all traces of itself on the person’s
computer. This is bad news because only a reported 5000
copies were ever made. This continued to happen until every last
copy was wiped and the company who made the game vanished from existence. A small community of people are trying to
replicate the game based on the stories they’ve heard, but its slow work and many feel it’s
not worth the trouble it could ultimately bring … Moving on to number 2 now we have Herobrine. Any of you who have played Minecraft will
surely have heard of this character. When you first play the game, you’ll have
the ordinary standard skin. One day, early in the history of the game,
a player said he spawned a new world. He was playing as normal, mining and building
when he saw something moving among the dense fog. He thought it was a cow and so chased it. It wasn’t though, staring back at him was
a character that had the default skin, but his eyes were empty. There was no name above his head, he double
checked to make sure he wasn’t in a multiplayer mode. The character quickly ran off and disappeared. As the game went on, strange things kept happening,
parts of the game looked like someone had been there before, even though this was single
player. Every once in a while, he claimed to see the
strange doppelganger, watching from the fog. After posting this story to the forums, he
received a message from a user called Herobrine. It simply said stop. Eventually, he and some others found that
Herborine was the name of a Swedish player, possibly the brother of Notch who is Minecraft
creator. They asked Notch if he had a brother, he replied
-I did, but he is no longer with us- … thus, the legend was spawned of the creator’s dead
brother living on in the games coding. Watching players. Watching every player. Unaware of the afterlife he’s ended up in. And finally, at number 1 we have Berzerk. This was a very popular arcade game first
released back in 1980 and was a great success and highly addictive. However, it will always be remembered as the
first game to be linked to the deaths of some its players – 3 to be precise. The first was said to be Jeff Dailey, he allegedly
entered his initials twice in the Berzerk machines top 10 players list before dying
of a heart attack. His score was 16,660, people said if you remove
the binary numbers of 1 and 0, you get 666. The next victim was Jeffs friend, a guy called
Peter Burkowski. According to the arcade owner where the machine
was housed, Peter arrived and began Berzerk at 8:30 pm. He was a top student who hoped to become a
doctor – he was also very good at arcade games. After 15 minutes of playing, he posted his
initials next to two high scored on the leaderboard. He then took four steps away, put a quarter
into a different game and then collapsed dead from a heart attack. The third death was said to happen to a guy
who got into a fight over a quarter that was put into the Berzerk machine. He was stabbed to death. Of course, people began to connect the dots
and become convinced that this arcade machine had something to do with it. Its rare that a kid dies during or just after
playing any video game – but 3 all connected to the same one? You can see why the legend of Berzerk has
persisted … Aaaaand breath. Were safe now. Well, I loved that, like I said at the start,
that was a combination of two of my favorite things in the world. Why don’t we combine urban legends with another
topic for our next video? Did anyone get some suggestions? Let’s just make sure it’s scary. Thanks for watching as always guys, my name
is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the next video.