Thomas and Friends – James or Emily – which Team is Faster? Unpredictable Team Relay Challenge

Thomas and Friends – James or Emily – which Team is Faster?  Unpredictable Team Relay Challenge

Hi, kids! In this intensive team relay challenge you will witness four teams performing at the highest level! The will be sharp turn-arounds, steep ascends and descends, the icy mountain drift and the broken bridges! Wow, this is gonna be really hot! I’m inviting you to this amazing event! Which team will you root for? All aboard! The team of James, Belle and Charlie is performing
first! Charlie beautifully did the drift on the icy
mountain and confidently passing across the broken bridge. Now it’s James’s turn to demonstrate his
skills in performing the sharp turn-around! Come on, James! Show us what you’ve got! Perfectly done! Belle is receiving the relay and heading to
the finish! Oh! The tank wagon is stuck!:) And it seems like Belle needs our help. After a little holdup, Belle is continuing
the challenge aaand… finishes the relay! Let’s put James back on the rails. So, his team’s result is 58 seconds! Good job! The next team consists of Timothy, Merlin
and Douglas! I’m curious if they can show a better result
than the previous team:)) Let’s find this out. Good job, Timothy! Well done! Now it’s turn for the Merlin! Come on, buddy! Step on the gas! Sharp turn-around… Oh! Merlin needs some help:)) Here you go! Good luck! Douglas now is taking the relay! Oh, it looks like he is not a very good shape
today… And eventually Douglas is stuck on the bridge. Let’s give him a hand. And one more time:))) Come on Buddy! Cheer up! Merlin’s team result is 1 minute and 8 seconds. Two teams ended their performances for now. Let’s see what the next two teams will show
us. The third team is here – Salty, Emily and
Hank! Wow! Look how confidently Salty is taking over
all the obstacles! Impressive! Now it’s Emily who’s continuing the relay! Let’s cheer her up with your likes! Come on, Emily! You can do it! Oh! She also needs our help to deal with the sharp
turn-around. Hank now! – Big Bold Blue engine! Come on Hank! Come on! Oh, one more time! Come on, come on Hank! The finish is very close! A little push! Yay! Salty’s team result is 1 minute and 11 seconds. They made it! And finally our last team – Victor, Stephen
and Flynn! Great job, Victor! Now the the broken bridge… Yeah! He made it! Stephen now is entering the game! What a great speed! But he also needs our help at the turnaround:))
What a not simple track we’ve got today! Now it’s Flynn’s turn! And he’s rushing to the finish! Show us aaaall you’ve got, Flynn! Wow!! What an outstanding speed!! Whoo-hoo!! Finish! Flynn’s team’s result is just 55 seconds! That’s incredible! So, the final results of the challenge are
on the screen. Congratulations to the winners! Victor, Stephen and Flynn! You guys showed the best time today! Thank you our contenders for this impressive
show! And thank you, my dear viewers, for been with us! We had a lot of fun today! Subscribe, put your likes, share this video
and press on the bell! See you later!