Terrible Tennis Players | Rudy Mancuso & Juanpa Zurita

>>LUCAS: What’s up guys? My name is Lucas.>>LORENZO: I’m Lorenzo, his brother.>>LUCAS: And we are…>>LUCAS: Tennis players.
>>LORENZO: Tennis people.>>LUCAS: Tennis players! What’s tennis people? Tennis people?>>LORENZO: That- That’s what we do. [MUSIC]>>LUCAS: We used to be lifeguards. But, uh, we just decided…>>LORENZO: We got fired.
>>LUCAS: To try something.>>LUCAS: We decided to try something different. We decided->>LORENZO: We got fired.>>LORENZO: We got fired.
>>LUCAS: We decided to try->>LORENZO: We got fired.
>>LUCAS: We decided to try something different.>>LORENZO: We got fired.
>>LUCAS: We decided->>LUCAS: We got fired. [MUSIC] Then we started thinking: how do we keep looking this good?>>LORENZO: Keep doing exercise.>>LUCAS: Keep doing exercise.
>>LORENZO: You know fit.>>LUCAS: Uh, and keep getting girls.>>LORENZO: Girls.>>LUCAS: Tennis.
>>LORENZO: Tennis. [MUSIC]>>LUCAS: Tennis is a lot like soccer.
>>LORENZO: Yeah.>>LUCAS: Except it’s completely different.>>LUCAS: It’s actually nothing like soccer.
>>LORENZO: Yeah.>>LORENZO: So the way you play tennis is there’s two people.>>LUCAS: There’s two people.>>LORENZO: Who’s talking?>>LUCAS: They have- we can both talk, relax. There’s two people and they each have rackets and they try to hit each other with tennis balls.>>LORENZO: Yeah.>>LUCAS: Don’t be a little [BLEEP].>>LORENZO: I’m like lightening.>>LORENZO: Yo! Yo! Stop, stop!
>>LUCAS: Come on little [BLEEP], let’s go!>>LORENZO: Wait, wait! Stop, stop, stop!
>>LUCAS: Come on!>>LUCAS: Every time you hit somebody, I think you gotta take a shot of tequila.
>>LORENZO: Yeah.>>LORENZO: And also, plus every 15 minutes you have to take a shot.
>>LUCAS: A shot of tequila.>>LORENZO: So it gets harder.
>>LUCAS: It gets harder because you get drunker and…>>LORENZO: Tipsy.
>>LUCAS: It’s a dangerous sport.>>LORENZO: It’s dangerous.>>LUCAS: In order to be a really good tennis player, there’s three things you need to know.>>LORENZO: Three!>>LUCAS: Number 1, you got to be really, obviously, you gotta be really good looking.>>LORENZO: Good looking. Who wants to play with an ugly guy?>>LUCAS: Yeah. No body wants to watch sports if the people are ugly.>>LORENZO: Number 2, you have to make fun of the other person.>>LUCAS: Oh yeah, you gotta.
>>LORENZO: You have too.>>LUCAS: You gotta [BLEEP] with the other person. [JIBBERISH] Number 3, exercise is so important.>>LUCAS: You gotta exercise.
>>LUCAS: It is. It is.>>LUCAS: We have this thing, it’s called slapping sit-ups.>>LUCAS & LORENZO: Uno! Dos!>>LUCAS: It’s, it’s, uh, you know, it’s… What the [BLEEP] are you eating bro? Woah, woah! Check out that girl! Check out that girl!>>LORENZO: Oh! Hey Mami!
>>LUCAS: Hey Mami!>>LUCAS: How you doing Mami? Where you going?
>>LORENZO: Come here to me Mamacita!>>LUCAS: What you doing later? What you doing? Come here! Give us a little kiss.
>>LORENZO: Lorenzo! No, no Lucas, but Lorenzo!>>LUCAS: Should we wrap this thing up? Should we wrap this- [LORENZO CRYING]>>LUCAS: What’s up?
>>LORENZO: Yo! Yo!>>LUCAS: What?>>LORENZO: What, what!>>LUCAS: What’s up guys? My name is Lucas.>>LORENZO: Uh, I’m Lorenzo, his brother.>>LUCAS: And we are…>>LUCAS: Tennis players!
>>LORENZO: Tennis people!>>LUCAS: Tennis players! We practiced like 4 times.
>>LORENZO: I’m nervous. [EXIT MUSIC]