How to Bowl : Improving Bowling Skill

Okay now, in this part of the lesson we’re going to go over a few things on how to improve your game, and what to do when you’re bowling bad. Well, how to improve your game we all know is practice, practice, practice. When you’re practicing you’re practicing. You’re not trying to score three hundred. Well, of course you are, […]

Typography – Car Accidents in Bowling Green

Our law firm specializes in handling personal injury cases, particularly car accident cases, and you may have questions about how do I pay my medical bills? Should I talk with the insurance adjuster? Should I sign the forms they sent me? Should I provide them information on my medical history? What if the person that hit you doesn’t have insurance? […]

Know Your Date!

hey what are you doing Hey just registering for classes didn’t we like just start the semester yeah but if you start now you can get the classes you want oh okay can I do it with you? sure. so where do we start know your date huh sophomores juniors seniors and grad students all have different dates when they […]

Bowling with Lewandowski – The Big Lebowski

43 Thank you. A brand new one, right? Are you a professional? I play every day. Then I’m worried. It’s been his best ever half-season at FC Bayern. Unforgettable: his five goals in nine minutes against Wolfsburg. Let’s see if Robert Lewandowski is just as clinical on the bowling alley. It’s no fun without a risk. That was mine! Second […]