Goal Setting – How to set your goal and Achieve it | Boys of Beau | Beaulet Julin | Cricket Coaching

welcome to Boys of Beau Cricket Academy. I Believe. To perform consistently 95 percentage mind and 5 percentage technique. Other things But. What we do ? We give importance to Practice, Fitness Who all are giving time to improve your mind from upcoming episode How to make your mind become stronger ? How to improve our mind and perform in […]

Kid Danger’s Identity Revealed to the ENTIRE School! 😲 Henry Danger | Nick

Everyone should stand where they’re supposed to stand. Gotta go. Everyone beith most careful, for when yon basketball be shot, it traveleth so fast, it mayeth break someone’s arm. [applause] Hold it right there, fancy pants. Not you, Larange. What the heck is going on here? We be the Swellview Flinging Society. We are flingers, we fling. Well, go do […]

What’s wrong with my game?

Okay first what I find about you Tom, what is very important, you have to skip a rope a lot… because you are very hard on your legs. It disables you to move faster and to put more energy in the ball. For example, your movements they are not so bad but legs are too too stiff. You have to […]