Football DNA — Lothar Matthäus

And today I want to present to you your DNA results. North and West European 24.7%. What’s this? English 24.3%. East European – now we come to where I actually had suspected I am a bit from. The research team of MyHeritage has found many of your ancestors. This is now the marriage certificate of your grandparents. I just cannot […]

PolyStep Sequencer Player for Reason

Creating compelling chord progressions traditionally requires an advanced understanding of music theory. Not to mention the skills to play complex chord voicings on a keyboard. But the new PolyStep Sequencer from Propellerhead makes creating professional-sounding chord progressions, arpeggios and melodies easier than ever Pair the PolyStep Sequencer Player device with your favorite Reason instrument to start writing chord progressions in […]

Chris Hadfield Brushes his Teeth in Space

Tekni (ph) from Beeton, Ontario asks: Is it challenging to brush your teeth in space without getting toothpaste up your nose from weightlessness? Well, let’s talk about how to brush your teeth in space. Standard toothbrush, nothing magical there. But we’ve got a few different things. We don’t have running water. You can’t have a tap, you can’t have a […]

Outdoor Team Building Games | Let the Games Begin!

On your mark, get set, go teams! These outdoor team building games will raise your team spirit with wacky, high-energy competition. After an initial warm-up activity, teams will be formed and provided with colored bandanas or hats for easy identification. Next the opening ceremony can begin with the lighting of the torch of teamwork by your very own VIP. With […]