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Welcome back… Chotta Maksad who is a representative of shakur Ahmed… …had been arrested by the Hyderabad police… is being enquired by D.G.P Ramakanth Batnayak today, …has opposed the test of Maksad. Maksad! We arethe doctors, who gave you treatment. You maytell everything without fear. Can we proceed? -What are you doing? I deal with weapons, arms and hawala business […]

The Floppy Indoor Golf Ball

Serious Golfers don’t stop practicing just because they’re [quote-unquote] not on the course [GLASS BREAKS] JOHNSON? That’s why the floppy indoor practice ball is the perfect gift for the golfer in your life endorsed by Pro Golfers and sports writers The floppy is made of lightweight flexible material giving it the same feeling feedback as a real golf ball This […]

Synthetic Indoor Snowballs

Start an indoor snowball fight with Snowtime Anytime. Aren’t you hot in that coat, dude? The synthetic snowballs transform your living-room into a winter Wonderland. Although they’re made of dry, soft, cotton-like, fibrous material, each snowball feels like crunchy, compact snow. You might imagine throwing them would be as difficult as throwing a wad of cotton, but you can really […]