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Impractical Jokers: Top You Laugh You Lose Moments (Mashup) | truTV

For the first time ever, all four of us will be competing at the same time. We’ll be sitting in a waiting room among strangers, secretly trying to make each other laugh. If you laugh, you’re eliminated. And the last man standing will win. ♪♪ [ Cellphone beeping ] [ Whispering ] 2… …4… Representative. Representative. Erectile dysfunction. Erec– Erectile […]

Family Trapped in Indoor Waterpark!

(laughing) (adventure music) – It’s my turn. Hair is soaked. Oh my gosh, no, I dunno if I can. (laughing) – [Carl] You got this. You can do it. Go missy, go. (click) – [Machine] Three, two, one. ♪ This is our life. ♪ ♪ Let’s live it. ♪ ♪ Live forever! ♪ – Good morning. – Good morning. – […]