Episode 2: Hunter Education

[Andre]…people that are, sorry- [Andre] oh you’re fine come on. [Crystal] Go head, go ahead. [Man] Sorry [Andre] No worries [Andre] But– [beep] [upbeat music] If you’re new to hunting, or even the thought of hunting the first thing you’re gonna want to do is sign up for a hunter education class. I signed up for one way before I […]


yep I’m gonna leave all right what was everybody welcome back to my channel I’m Josh Horton this is Chris staples today we’re doing a little game called basketballbowling a you know what I remember he did base ketball and I’m very bad we did bass ketball you guys like that video so now we’re combining basketball and bowling we […]

what being inside of vr feels like

what is virtual reality when I put this on my head I am no longer in your world this technology has been out for years yet most people don’t really know what it’s like inside of VR Here I am in a friends world watching YouTube videos on the TV the same way that you would in real life the […]

The $100 Hamburger and Tach Time: Citation Needed 6×02

This is the Technical Difficulties, we are playing Citation Needed… Carry on, Tom(!) Joining me today, he reads books y’know, it’s Chris Joel. Now available in pill form. Everybody’s favourite Gary Brannan – Gary Brannan. “Burn the cities. “Salt the earth so that no-nothing may ever-y there grow ag…” Can I do that again, because I really screwed that up? […]