Easy Icebreaker Activities: The Numbers Game

hi guys I’m Nigel with elevate and in this video I’m going to share with you a really easy way to kick off your event or group gathering it’s called…. the numbers game and it’s extremely fun to lead it’s perfect for larger groups and works especially well with crowds that have multiples of 10, okay! Please make sure to […]

Goat Simulator Walkthrough | EP1

Hello fellow humans, and welcome back to the channel. Today, as you can see, we are back in Goat Simulator, but this time, we HAVE the PC version so you will not need to watch me struggle. Yay! As you can see, I somehow got a goat, I have no idea how though. I have the angel goat. I guess […]

IAN GETS KIDNAPPED (Part Timers #15)

– Okay. – [exhales] – If you aim for my face, you’ll hit the apple. – Mm-hmm. – No, higher. – Like that? – No. Ian, higher. – Okay, I can’t concentrate if you keep talking. – Well, if you hit me in the vagina again, I’m gonna kick your ass. – Yeah, yeah, whatever. Okay, ready? – Yeah. – […]

MEME – THE GAME! (Squad Vlogs)

(S): Make the best meme I’ve ever seen. (S): Really good. (Music plays as Courtney stares into Shayne’s eyes) (Intro) (Shayne drums on table) (C): Woo-hoo! (S): Wassup…punks? (S): We’re gonna play a game. (C): Yeah! (S): It’s Meme The Game. (C): Oh, I thought it was The Meme Game. (Group): It’s meme – (C):Okay. – the game (C): It’s […]