Best Last Minute Goals Ever in Football

There are many goals in football every week. But some goals are memorable… Sometimes one goal can change many life. Specialy, if it come in last minutes… After 43 years Manchester City was again being champion with Aguero’s last minutes goal. With this last-minute goal, Belgium was in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. Tottenham was going to the Champions […]

30th SEA Games 2019 Opening Ceremony At Philippine Arena

you so opening ceremonies and xxx Southeast Asian Games and Miami culture and Pinoy liebe liebe mina zangalewa Philippine arena Peraza ceremonia qabil Anjana mana leader nailiang banza at game bro the royal families you a magnificent building completed through been kinds creativity and overcoming nature here is another proof of mankind’s greatness it is a record of fighting against […]

BwC S4E4 – Suresh Raina | Raina hai mere dil mein

The Lucknow-Kanpur area has the best vegetarian food in India. Especially the yellow dal (lentil) and baingan ka bharta (minced eggplant)… …in fact, even the non-vegetarian food is amazing. Traditional families in the area are known for preparing special mutton delicacies… They cook special meat in the tandoor (earthen clay ovens)… …buried in the ground with garlic and rum. A […]

Mosconi Cup 2018 Defining Moments

My name is Johan Ruysink. I’m from Holland. I’ve been a trainer, instructor, coach for the last 25 years. Done a lot of individual coaching with a lot of players but most people know me because I’ve done the Mosconi Cup, both for team Europe and for the last two years team USA. Well, obviously the winning of the Mosconi […]

Match de football sur le court

It was September 2002. I was lucky enough to be part of the team living this experience — playing in the Davis Cup at Roland-Garros, against the USA. FFT Physical Trainer We had 3 days of nice weather, a great atmosphere for everyone there. I had already thought about after the match. I had hidden two goals in the store-room […]