Betraying the Game: Anas Aremeyaw Anas investigates football in Africa – BBC Africa Eye documentary

Anas Aremeyaw Anas – one of the most high profile and controversial African journalists. An undercover specialist, he never shows his face. For two years, he’s been unlocking the secrets of African football. The tension is so high. It’s football and it’s Ghana. And the people have cried for far too long. Almost one hundred match officials captured on camera […]

Best Ping Pong Shots 2019

Roller! It actually broke! That was quite low! That was pretty good! I got it! What are you doing Emil? Nice! I feel like a kangaroo So there is still 72% of you guys who haven’t subscribed to our channel So remember to do that now! And we have just updated our mobile game Download it for free in the […]

We Tested NBA Players Space Jam Knowledge

– Monstars. – Mon, I remember that one. – Hey, what’s up guys, this is Matt from BuzzFeed. Today, we’re heading down to Philadelphia to the 76ers media day. To find out how much NBA players actually remember Space Jam. (Jordan yelling) – I actually remember it very well. Timmy here has never. – I did, one time. – My […]

1 Million Subscribers

[This is our journey] [To 1 million subscribers] How it all started I think what many of our viewers also don’t know seven years ago when we made our first video it was actually on a channel called EditingSports Emil wanted to try out his editing skills I had got like an interest to do some editing on videos So […]

90s Hoops With Scottie Pippen and Charles Oakley | The Players’ Tribune

– What’s up? This is Michael Rapaport. Players’ Tribune, ’90s hip-hop, Oakley, Scottie Pippen, all topics are on the table. Coming to the stage first, ’cause we gotta do the New Yorker first, Charles Oakley needs no introduction. Come to the stage. Alright, and coming to the stage, the great Scottie Pippen. Oh my God. I didn’t see Rod Strickland. […]