The ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Plays Heads Up!

[music playing] Hi. I’m Caleb. I’m Gaten. Oh, hello. I’m Noah. Hi, I’m Finn. And today we’re going to be playing a super-special round of Heads Up. All things strange, weird stuff. I’m going to pick my partner. Like Stranger Things? Like Stranger Things, but not. All right. OK. I can’t see. Sync. Good sync. Cat. Little baby kitty. Meow. […]

World’s Best Smash Bros Player

I’ve always wanted to be a “Smash Bros: Melee” pro ever since I saw their earnings last week. I want to go to the world cup win the final, take on the soviets and become the smash champion! But there was a huge problem: I have never played this game before. Fortunately there’s an over-representation of Swedish winners, so I’m […]