Learn 3 football skills to use in a match

What’s up guys pwg here and today I’m gonna show you guys three skills you can use in Small-sided football. A lot of big brands these days are focusing on small sided football especially Adidas, who’s running tango league. And tango league is coming to Copenhagen on the 9th of December and maybe you could show one of these skills […]

Betfair Football Trading: Pre-match tips

OK, it’s Champions League tonight and I’m just going to show you one of many things that you could do with bet angel to improve what you’re doing and how you’re looking at the market when you’re looking at a football match tonight we’ve got Chelsea and your ventus playing so if I go in to search and do Chelsea […]

The Rules of Racquetball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Racquetball The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. Racquetball, sometimes referred to as ‘American Racquetball’, is played indoors on a court with these measurements. This is similar to the games of Squash and British Racketball, but with a few significant differences. Players play with bigger racket heads, and […]

The Sims: 30 Types of The Sims Players!

Number 1. The cheater. These people are the ones that once they enter the game, immediately hit those dirty ctrl shift C to open that sweet cheat console, and then just goes motherlode or type in testingcheats on, right click on the mailbox, fill needs, and boom all needs maxed. Or their sim will go everywhere by teleporting. Number 2. […]


Today we’re gonna teach you five wicked one-on-one football skills, but it’s not gonna. Be me or nate or Pwg or Jollter teaching You. no we teamed up with a young boy his name is Jason And he’s 14 years old in this guy has got more tekkers than the four of us combined Did I mention by the way […]