Card Throwing Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect. What’s up, guys? We’re Dude Perfect– I’m Rick Smith, Jr. –Professional magician and master card thrower. Let’s have some fun! Wooooo!!! This is the olive slicer. Dude, that was amazing! Nicely done. This guy’s a magician, literally. This is my version of a three-pointer. *cheering* That’s a real carrot! Whoo! Ohoho, wow! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a […]


what does up everybody welcome back to the channel today I’m joined by Jenna bandy the Randall twins and we also have Caleb’s somewhere today we’re doing a three-part carnival challenge it’s gonna be a lot of fun I’m going to pass it over to standing straight up guys Caleb hurt himself again last night I have to welcome to […]

Ping Pong Trick Shots 5 | Dude Perfect

Let’s get started. What a toss to get started. One, two, three, down the paddles they go. Makes its way into the Texas bucket. Nice. Spills water, blue water rafting. Down into the tube. Ping-pong tables, makes its way under the slide, releases the weight. That is a lot of ping pong balls. I wonder if we’ll see those later. […]

Glow In The Dark Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Glow in the dark Beautiful [MUSIC] DUDE PERECT Wassup guys we’re Dude Perfect and we got a couple buddies with us today I’m Craig Robinson and I’m Adam Scott. and I’m Adam Scott. And it’s time for Glow in the DarkTrick Shots. And it’s time for Glow in the DarkTrick Shots. And it’s time for Glow in the DarkTrick Shots. […]

Grocery Store Stereotypes

Oh, my bad. That’s all right. I’ll just go the other way. Oh. Oh. Oh. OK. Here I just need to go– Should I back up? I’m sorry. Oh. Rotate. Where did you find these? Hold on. Hold on. You ready to check out? Oh, yeah. All right. You go left. I go right. Sounds good. We got a short […]