Ping Pong Trick Shots 4 | Dude Perfect

Lets get started. Cobes’ starting us off! That’s different. Nice shot! Into the Nerf Dart dominoes. Oh, is that the Golden Boy Ned Forrester? Into a couple more dominoes, it reveals the target in a nice bow drop right to Core. Takes the shot and BOOM, dead on. Ball rolls down the ramp. Triggers the belt sander. Up up and […]

WILL IT JUGGLE?! *Halloween Edition*

what is up everybody and welcome to a special Halloween edition of will it juggle your favorite youtube series that involves a spinning wheel and juggling again it’s probably probably only one this series is all about your guys comments all your suggestions end up on the wheels so make sure you leave a comment and give suggestions for the […]

RACING A MAN WITH NO LEGS! *Future Olympian*

the day that I was born the doctors actually told me I would never walk what is up…ooops yeah I’ll do it I got it thanks thanks Caleb what’s up everybody welcome back to the channel another episode of world record Wednesdays where we break a world record every single Wednesday today we’re joined by Blake Leeper he’s a world-class […]


what’s up everybody welcome back excuse you to the channel right there are you allergic to great content huh-huh-huh-huh we’ve done a few of these in the past guys we’re doing weird item bowling we’ve got some pretty weird items you’ve never seen bowling with a guitar have you no you haven’t and we’ve got all those items on a […]