Water Bottle Flip 3 | Dude Perfect

Some people have said water bottle flips are dead. At the same time, it’s very difficult to ignore a quarter of a billion views on Water Bottle Flip Two. So welcome to Water Bottle Three. Let’s go! Here we go! Dude Perfect. I got two bottles, two beams. This is the double flip. Let’s go! Woo! Woo! Let’s go! Let’s […]


what does that everyone welcome back to the channel it is the middle December oh oh we’re doing a little bit of a carnival games but Christmas edition well Jenna bandy Caleb Nash Feemster first we’re gonna throw footballs into wreaths then we’ll be shooting ornaments with bow and arrows and then we’ll be smashing Santa mugs with baseballs most […]


what is up everybody welcome back to the training today I’m so excited alright we’ve got three challenges for you okay that was a little bit too easy at the same time okay let’s see how many seconds eight seconds thank you no you do this sometimes how many tries do I get three tries caring something very special you […]


what what does that very welcome back to my channel name is Josh Horton today we have Caleb Nash Feemster, Jenna bandy and Tor’i Brooks we’ve got a three-part challenge all three basketball challenges involved tips aka catching the ball in the air and putting it back in before you touch the ground it’s one of my favorite things doing […]

Hockey Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Dude, perfect. [CHIME DINGS] Banger! Let’s go! So panda is going to sit in the chair. You rip one from here. Goes off the ramp, hits the bottle on his head. This is great. I love this. [CHEERING] [LAUGHTER] Time for the Win a Car Shot from the far blue line. Here we go. [CHIME DINGS] Decided to bring this […]