How to Bowl : Bowling Terminology

In the next clip we’re going to talk about terminology. There’s a strike, where all the pins go down at once. On the second ball, you may have one pin left up on the second ball, you make it, that’s a spare. There’s a split, very difficult to make a split, if you do it everybody cheers for you. There’s […]

How to Bowl : Keeping Score in Bowling

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about scoring. Well, a “miss”, a miss is 1 through 9 and that’s what you get, two balls, and whatever you get, 1 through 9, that’s what it will count, 7…7. Okay, now also we’ll look at the scoreboard and you’ll get a spare. Now, a spare, you’ll see, see a strike and a […]

How To Learn Curving A Bowling Ball

Hi, my name is Sam, I’ve been a bowler for twenty years and today, we’re here at Rowan’s Finsbury Park and today, I’ll be showing you how to bowl. How to curve a bowling ball? This is a house ball, inside here is a plain white block with revs put on the ball. It won’t spin or curve as much […]

How to Bowl : Bowling Pin Numbers

Alright in this little segment we’re going to go over the pins. The number of each pin 1 through 10. Come on down. This is a place you don’t normally want to be because if you get under that machine and it comes down it could crush you. But we’re going to go over the pins right now. So you […]

The hidden oil patterns on bowling lanes

This is you. This is a professional bowler. He’s got great form. He’s been practicing for decades. But he also sees a hidden pattern on every lane every time he bowls. Understanding the hidden oil patterns on every lane is a key to understanding bowling. It separates the pros from the rest of us. And these nearly invisible patterns can […]