Shabbir Ahmed Bowling Tips

I would like to ask you how to bowl in swing and out swing. The grip and the body movement is very important. what should be the wrist position? Wrist position should always be upright. That will also help you get the extra bounce. And batsman will have the difficulty to time the ball. What is the best method to […]

How to Bowl : Basic Bowling Terminology

All right, let’s talk about some more terminology. All right, you have a strike. Then, if you throw another strike right after the first, they call that a double. Now, you throw another strike, that’s a triple. They also call that a turkey. Now, you got splits; two pins far apart. You have a baby split; now a baby split, […]

How to Bowl : Bowling Lanes & Alleys

Alright at this point of the video we’re going to explain the lane itself. The bowling alley. Now let’s look down here. Here are your spots. These spots are used to have where you want to land your foot when you’re moving. Where you want to position yourself. There’s forty boards from left to right. We’re going to go down […]

How to Bowl : Proper Bowling Attire

Alright in this clip we’re going to talk about proper attire. When you go bowling you got to prepare yourself, so you, what you want to do is you want to wear either stretchy clothes, like this is stretchy it allows me to move freely, I’m not fighting anything, it’s not sticky. You see they wear bowling shirts with their […]