Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS

This is a rocket-powered Golf Club. Professional golfers have an average swing speed of 110 miles per hour. But using two F sized motors she swings at a hundred and fifty miles per hour, every time. Usually for builds on my channel I just show you guys the final thing and don’t really talk about the process of how we […]


We will show you basic gymnastic tools. And basic exercises. This is a mat. A mat. Lukas! Squat on the mat. Make a roll. Forward? Yes, a forward roll. Ok. And a backward roll. Nice. And now a cartwheel. No. Like this… A cartwheel. The best of all: handstand. Beautiful. This is a horizontal bar. Lukas! Make an upstart. Nice. […]

Indoor TV Antennas Compared: Cheap vs Expensive

What’s going on everybody? This is James White with Freakin’ Reviews bringing you As Seen on TV product reviews, gadget reviews, and more. Now if you like what you see in this video, please consider subscribing for more videos like this. Now today I’m comparing three indoor TV antennas to see if there’s a difference between the cheap ones and […]

A blind person’s chess board – මට නොපෙනෙන චෙස් පුවරුව

Hello friends. Once Again you are warmly welcome in to Touch n Sense video channel. From this video I am going to talk you about chess. Do you know about it ? Yes, it’s a very popular indoor game. It helps to improve one’s mindfulness, thinking capacity and patience. It depicts a war between two kings. According to the history […]