John Cena Prank Call

– this week’s phone scam check it out Hello! I have just one question for you. Are you ready? Am I ready for what? who is this? ARE YOU READY FOR THIS SUNDAY NIGHT WHEN WWE CHAMP JOHN CENA DEFENDS HIS TITLE, IN THE WWE SUUPPERRRRRR SLAMMMMMMMMMM Right now you can earn this awesome pay-per-view event, for just $59.99!! I’m […]

Best Indoor Basketballs 2018: Top 5 Basketballs For Every Budget!🏀| Ball Till We Fall

What’s up ballers, welcome back to another basketball product roundup video presented by In this episode we are going to take a look at the best indoor basketballs for every budget. Let’s get started with the list. Starting off our list at number 5 is the The Wilson NCAA replica game ball, our choice as the best value for […]

The life of a D.VA player

NERF THIS! Do you guys remember Boo from Monsters Inc.? RAWWR Yep, thi- this is her now. So, D.VA pilots her mech and on the mech, she has some guns, you know, some pew pew’s. And on the Overwatch website, it says they lay down continuous, high damage fire… [giggling] I’m just kidding though. You know, they’re close range of […]

Best Indoor Cardio Equipment at $30

what I’m about to show you guys could completely change the game for indoor exercising at this point in my life as a millennial I don’t have money for a gym membership nor do I always have time to do so I find myself most motivated in the evening when a lot of gyms are closed and I live in […]