8 Weirdest PSAs Ever Made

We’ve rounded up the most ridiculous PSAs on the internet. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. The PSA, the public service announcement. These were really big when we were kids. They still make ’em. But there is just something special about the way it used to be done. Yeah, I mean, it’s basically a commercial […]

Road to the Indoor World Cup

I’m Lauren Austin, I’ve been a member of the Australian squad since 2006. G’day, how ya going? I’m Troy Sutherland and I’m going to the World Cup in 2018, Berlin. First time, I’m a debutant and absolutely looking forward to it. Hi my name’s Aidan. Hi I’m Tegan Boucher. Hi I’m Clare Comerford. Jack Hayes from Woolongong. Troy Rossiter. Alex […]

IAN GETS KIDNAPPED (Part Timers #15)

– Okay. – [exhales] – If you aim for my face, you’ll hit the apple. – Mm-hmm. – No, higher. – Like that? – No. Ian, higher. – Okay, I can’t concentrate if you keep talking. – Well, if you hit me in the vagina again, I’m gonna kick your ass. – Yeah, yeah, whatever. Okay, ready? – Yeah. – […]

Homemade Brain Games For Dogs

– Hey YouTube. It is an absolutely beautiful day outside today, so I ventured out to make a toy for Reggie, when he had his hernia surgery a couple of months ago, I started thinking about different toys that could keep dogs occupied when they couldn’t exercise for whatever reason. So, today we’re gonna make a great toy for distributing […]