The ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Plays Heads Up!

[music playing] Hi. I’m Caleb. I’m Gaten. Oh, hello. I’m Noah. Hi, I’m Finn. And today we’re going to be playing a super-special round of Heads Up. All things strange, weird stuff. I’m going to pick my partner. Like Stranger Things? Like Stranger Things, but not. All right. OK. I can’t see. Sync. Good sync. Cat. Little baby kitty. Meow. […]

D&D Story: The Obelisk Encounter

PF: This Dungeons and Dragons story comes from an adventurers league game, when I ran Tomb of Annihilation from an encounter involving a seemingly inconspicuous Obelisk. My Adventure’ s League group is about 60 people- nine of which are GM’s which get broken down into tables with 6 or 7 players. The groups are synchronized so they run through the […]

Things metal guitar players say

yeah metal is the only real kind of music anyone who thinks otherwise is a poser wait so you’re charging us fifty dollars a track dude you are literally ripping us off Tyler so um yeah moving you to bass dude guitar players who learn theory have no feel or creativity and they’re playing whatsoever dude I’m miles ahead of […]

Movie Sequels

AaAaaAAaaAaHhH Me, Jaiden, Domics, Ross and Arin are all going on tour doing a show called Scribble Showdown We’re going to these cities on these dates So if you want to see us play some drawing games live, go to link in the description *HAH* please :c Okay, enjoy the video now=) Do you all remember that classic kid’s […]