Key & Peele – Pre-Game Pump-Up

[all chanting] Hey, hey, hey, y’all, wait up, hold on. Hold on. Listen up. Listen up. – Yeah. – Come on, man. Y’all ready for this? (all) Yeah! That’s right, y’all. ‘Cause you know what? We only get one chance. [all cheering] Let’s leave it all on the field today. [all cheering] No doubt. We gon’ give ’em something they […]

Betfair Football Trading: Pre-match tips

OK, it’s Champions League tonight and I’m just going to show you one of many things that you could do with bet angel to improve what you’re doing and how you’re looking at the market when you’re looking at a football match tonight we’ve got Chelsea and your ventus playing so if I go in to search and do Chelsea […]