Mambo FC Match | Episode 9 | Tango Squad F.C.

LD: Almost! GH: I was told you have a game coming up tomorrow with Arbeloa, right? XA: Tomorrow we’re playing against Mambo FC, we’re going to crush them. VB: Right now we’re driving to the Tango League event here in Madrid. JD: We’re playing against a newly-formed team called Mambo FC, comprised of the best YouTubers and influencers which Spain […]

Which FOOTBALL Player Are You?

Which Football Player Are You? Answer these 10 questions and find out! For each Question, simply answer A, B, C, D, or E, and keep track of your points. Add them up at the end to find out your result. Feel free to pause the video if you need more time to think. Let’s get started… What do you value […]