Ozzy Man Reviews: Soccer Players vs Refs

Let’s see what’s happening over in the soccer. There’s a tackle, the referee says: “That was fucking dodgy mate!” He blew the whistle and now he has to run away because everyone wants him dead. Oh, he slaps one of the players. The player appeals for a free kick I don’t know who to – this is a stubborn ref. […]

Water Bottle Flip 3 | Dude Perfect

Some people have said water bottle flips are dead. At the same time, it’s very difficult to ignore a quarter of a billion views on Water Bottle Flip Two. So welcome to Water Bottle Three. Let’s go! Here we go! Dude Perfect. I got two bottles, two beams. This is the double flip. Let’s go! Woo! Woo! Let’s go! Let’s […]

Nike CR7 Mercurial Victory III Indoor Review

What’s up people, my name is Thiago Palma from SoccerPro and we’re going to talk about the CR7 line. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo line of shoes. We’re going to talk specifically about the Mercurial Victory of his line, the CR7. A very nice shoe, very beautiful. The black and the sky blue and the pink right under which really accents the […]