Stingray Corvette from FINLAND!

Good morning! Hahaha, caught you! You guys are from where? Finland. Finland? Yeah. That’s awesome! Tell me about the car. It’s a 65′ Corvette. Yeah. Small block, 427, big small block. Big small block, yeah exactly! 6-speed manual. 6-speed, really? Yeah, we’re not running nitrous here because of this class I’m running in is not for nitrous. First we started […]

Holley LS Fest 2010 – Drag Racing Action

The drag racing competition is just as stiff as another competition today, the amount of late model cars that are making some insane power is just awesome and it’s amazing to see just how fast these cars can actually get down the track. We actually hold the quarter mile and eighth mile world record for independent rear suspension Corvette. It […]