Cash Explosion December 28, 2019

♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: We are happy to be with you on this LAST… LAST Saturday of 2019. Wow.>>ALISSA: It has been another incredible year of winning inside this studio and a lot of lives have been completely changed.>>DAVID: Cash Challenge winners…>>ALISSA: George!>>YEAH! YEAH!>>DAVID: …Bonus winners…>>ALISSA: Whoa!>>DAVID: Oh, oh, OHHHHHH!>>WOO! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: $50,000!>>ALISSA: $50,000!>>DAVID: Everyone […]

Baby playground for kids 😄 Games for kids #ohohbabies | patio de recreo 遊び場 игровая площадка 운동장

Hi friends !! Welcome to OhOh Babies 🙂 Let’s follow me Hmm..first let’s play inside tunnel 🙂 It’s really fun..hehe We can now play with the slides Yeahhh!!! It’s sooo much funnn What should we play next?? Wait.. I hear some sounds Come friends, let’s go that way 🙂 Now, I want to play with teddy bear 🙂 Let’s slides.. […]