Warped Tour Wrap (MONTAGE)

What’s up guys it is Live 16th of the Pittsburgh Vans Warped Tour. It’s the very last one. I’m packing some stuff up I have some interviews with some bands. I don’t know really what to expect This is my first time and sadly my last time doing this because it’s the last Warped Tour the last cross country one […]

Warped Tour 2018 Lineup: All Time Low, Simple Plan & 3OH!3 Return for Final Run | Billboard News

Alright guys, I hope you’ve been saving your money because festival season is right around the corner! Warped Tour has officially announced its lineup for its final run, and it features some familiar veterans and plenty of bands you love right now. Ya ready for this… All Time Low, 3OH!3, Bowling for Soup and Simple Plan are among the top […]

2017 Why Fans Love LS Fest

LS Fest rocks! I came here my first year in 2014 as a spectator and I told my dad on the way home I’ll never miss another one. LS Fest is the best event that we go to all year. LS Fest rocks! I’m the biggest LS fan that there is! Oh, my goodness. So I guess that shows it. […]