Lip Sync Battle with Miley Cyrus

-I’m ready for this. -Ready for this? -I came prepared. [ Cheers and applause ] -Miley, here’s how we’re going to do this. You and I are going to take turns lip syncing sections of well-known songs, each one of us trying to lip sync better than the other. We don’t know which songs the other person’s picked. -Nope. -Only […]


What’s up guys! I’m back out here with a few of the others For another football video I found this pitch thanks to my local Tobi You can check him out over there Let’s go! [Music] {explosion} [Music] {explosion} [Music] {explosion} [Music] {explosion} [Music] Alright! blacks vs whites Sweet! let’s do this! No, no, shirts those two, those two there […]

Options for using music in your videos

Hi, I’m Josh, and today I’m going to talk about an issue most creators face at one point or another: how you can find music to use in your YouTube videos. Copyright can definitely be confusing, and if you’ve tried using music before in your videos, you may have received Content ID claims. I’m going to tell you about how […]