MEME – THE GAME! (Squad Vlogs)

(S): Make the best meme I’ve ever seen. (S): Really good. (Music plays as Courtney stares into Shayne’s eyes) (Intro) (Shayne drums on table) (C): Woo-hoo! (S): Wassup…punks? (S): We’re gonna play a game. (C): Yeah! (S): It’s Meme The Game. (C): Oh, I thought it was The Meme Game. (Group): It’s meme – (C):Okay. – the game (C): It’s […]

The Making of Outer Wilds – Documentary

[TYPING NOISES] [MUSIC PLAYING] DANNY: Hello there, traveler. Please come sit down. Rest your weary legs. Grab a marshmallow. I’ve got a story to tell. [FIRE CRACKLING] Today we take a look at the design of Outer Wilds, an award winning critical hit, which has been slowly building a cult following since its release in May of 2019. This is […]

12 things to love about Wattam

I’ve heard it been said that auteur directors are always making and remaking the same movie, and I think the same can be said about Keita Takahashi. He’s the game designer behind Katamari Damacy, Nobi Nobi Boy, and Wattam. I’m a big fan of Katamari Damacy, and I’m really enjoying Wattam. But it’s really hard to explain why because it’s […]