Can You Spin Art Resin & Acrylic Pours?

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we’re gonna be building a… Giant spin-art. Yes and we’re gonna be using flow acrylics and epoxy. And a fan. *Evan blows attic dust out of his mouth* *Katelyn laughs* I’m gonna plug in the fan so that when we’re ready we can just activate it. That seems dangerous to have it […]

Kickin’ it With Club Sports: Women’s Soccer

I’m Riley Delbin and today we’re kicking it with women’s club soccer. Hey everyone. I’m here with the Women’s Club soccer team co-presidents, Ally Hendricks and Sam Farmer. Um, so tell us a little bit about the women’s club soccer team. We play in the uh women’s league for– it’s called like the W-Mask and it’s all throughout the Midwest. […]