Belgian Feather Bowling in the Motor City

– [Voiceover] You’re playing with and against all the different people in the club. And you learn to appreciate them because of that. It’s just a little family. It’s an odd little sport and it’s unique. It’s easy to play, but hard to master. (dramatic music) – [Voiceover] Come on. – That one’s short, oh. – [Voiceover] All right, three. […]

Iowa Girls High School Bowling

♪♪ Seth Banwell: Bowling is one of those sports where anybody can go up and really throw a ball. As soon as you can basically pick up an eight pound bowling ball, you can go out for bowling. It’s the fastest growing sport in the U.S.. 53 million bowlers bowl about once a week on a regular basis. We have […]

[ENG SUB] VICTON diary EP.07 (Busan Trip)

EP. 07: Victon’s trip to Busan [Victon arrive at Busan for their fansign] Busan~ Everyone, we’re here at Seungwoo hyung’s hometown, Busan It’s not that cold It’s nice, it smells like Busan Is this Busan? It’s cold I thought Busan was supposed to be warm Everybody this is Busan My hometown~ But we just got off the bus and immediately […]