What’s inside a Cricket Ball?

– All right, we’re back for another video of how to cut something open. Somebody asked us, “How do you cut open a cricket ball?” Or “cock-ball”, they called it. So we bought one. I’ve never seen one of these before. It’s a… I don’t know what it is. Guaranteed 5 and a half ounce club hand-sewn genuine leather, has […]

Dharma’s Digger Gets Squeaky Clean | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons For Kids

(xylophone music) (upbeat music) (engine starting) (intense music) – We’re digging deep today. (fluid splashing) Oh my stars. Sludge. Pee-ew, get a whiff of that. I gotta skeddadle to Carl’s Carwash. (calm music) – Oh, I’m really digging this music. Huh? (intense music) – Carl, I was fixing to finish the big dig by the end of the day and […]


What he took!!! You’re handsome! Really? So if I’m playing like that it will be better? Apparently my captain says that this is how Spartans were playing. I should be better! Hey it’s working, well done! Let’s go now, we’re on fire! Oh la la too good! Thank you! It blocked me… Let’s go and finish on A Honestly I […]

Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-1 Brighton | Exclusive behind-the-scenes tunnel access

Hello. Thank you. You were waiting for me, huh? You know you’re starting, right? Jürgen, the injury to Fabinho is obviously a blow for you, but you have options, you have Keita, you have Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Adam Lallana, Ox starts today… Gini Wijnaldum, James Milner… Jordan Henderson. So a couple – good, that’s how it should be. Nobody wanted a […]

MONSTER BUG WARS | Death at Midnight | S1E1

Narrator: ln a bug’s world, life is always in the balance. There are so many ways to die. Around every corner, super-strength assassins… They are just incredibly fast with enormous force. Narrator: …bizarre weapons… They have absolutely insatiable appetite. Narrator: …and ruthless personalities. They are incredibly effective predators. Narrator: Every day these battles are waged, hidden from human eyes, in […]

Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool | Firmino wins it late at Selhurst Park | Highlights

That’s a lovely ball in to Jordan Ayew! Kouyate picked out the Ghanaian, but he couldn’t score. And it’s a really good delivery, and it’s through for James Tomkins! Well, there you go, it’s no goal and a Liverpool free kick. That’s Henderson, brilliant ball, and that’s Mane! Sadio Mane not quite able to take the chance, some ball by […]