Huge indoor crowd celebrate April Craze

This is April Craze 2019 and it’s Wright State’s largest event that we hold on campus it’s just a bunch of vendors and organizations here on campus that get together to kind of promote themselves and it’s a good way to end the school year everybody gets together and just has fun and it’s kind of like a brain break. […]

Local Cricket Intervention

– All right boys. What’s going on here? Hang on. Might have one too many inside the circle here boys. – Hammy, just take a seat please mate. – Sure, where do you want me to take it? – Hammy, sit down. This is an intervention. – Look Flem, if this is about the incident with the grip cone, I […]

Highlights: Salzburg 0-2 Liverpool | Reds qualify for Champions League knockout stage

Here’s Gini Wijnaldum. Well, the situation is simple; if Liverpool avoid defeat they’re through, win and they win the group. If they go behind that then puts the cat amongst the pigeons. They might go in front though, it’s Mohamed Salah! And it’s saved by Cican Stankovic. Minamino. Hwang Hee-chan, it’s a lovely backheel, and the chance! Alisson with the […]

Bournemouth 0-3 Liverpool | Reds hit three on the road | Highlights

That’s forward looking for the run! And Liverpool score. And once again it’s another beautiful ball over the top. Liverpool in front. A backline that hasn’t played together before, and now they could be in real trouble, because it’s Roberto Firmino… Ramsdale able to get down and make the save. Milner. Keita. Influential so far for Liverpool. Ball back towards […]

Midlakes Launches Unified Bowling Program

Knowing that it’s a school activity being able to relax and go enjoy myself with other school classmates, it’s really fun [Cheering] It’s nothing but cheering when somebody throws the ball down or they get a strike the whole team jumps up for joy. A spare, the same thing, it’s a good feeling to have Once you know that your […]

What’s inside a Cricket Ball?

– All right, we’re back for another video of how to cut something open. Somebody asked us, “How do you cut open a cricket ball?” Or “cock-ball”, they called it. So we bought one. I’ve never seen one of these before. It’s a… I don’t know what it is. Guaranteed 5 and a half ounce club hand-sewn genuine leather, has […]

Dharma’s Digger Gets Squeaky Clean | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons For Kids

(xylophone music) (upbeat music) (engine starting) (intense music) – We’re digging deep today. (fluid splashing) Oh my stars. Sludge. Pee-ew, get a whiff of that. I gotta skeddadle to Carl’s Carwash. (calm music) – Oh, I’m really digging this music. Huh? (intense music) – Carl, I was fixing to finish the big dig by the end of the day and […]