Tottenham 0-1 Liverpool | Firmino’s emphatic strike seals win | Highlights

Firmino, it’s a lovely touch! Brilliant block, Firmino again, and Oxlade-Chamberlain! Still doesn’t go in, and Liverpool will wonder how they haven’t scored. And it’s Henderson – oh, they’re queuing up. Van Dijk denied by a fine Gazzaniga save. That’s Henderson. And it breaks for Roberto Firmino! Liverpool’s roadman scores away from home again. And Salah will run onto it, […]

Controlling the Direction of Groundstrokes in Pickleball

Hi there it’s Mark from Third Shot Sports. Today we’re going to talk about controlling the direction on groundstrokes. Obviously that’s important because it’s the difference between hitting a shot that is an unforced error and goes out or hitting a winning shot. So, there are some myths out there about what actually controls the direction of groundstrokes. We’re going […]

Leicester City 0-4 Liverpool | Superb Trent strike helps rout Leicester | Highlights

And it’s Alexander-Arnold! That’s on by Salah, and Mane arrived well. Keita, helps it towards Mohamed Salah, who runs away and goes very, very wide. Liverpool still have men forward. Salah went for goal. Oh, that’s dodgy from Ndidi, and it’s Henderson. It just goes wide. Alexander-Arnold. Dangerous-looking ball, header down! Absolutely brilliant. Here they come again, Evans has lost […]

Football Match

now keep It vs you wait a minute er now you can go over there put your thumbs up when your wait a minute I cant get it to go on my face wait a minute I cant get it to go on my face you have to press the twister pass it here can it only work on you […]