The Rules of Cricket – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Cricket. The object of the game is for your team to score more runs than the opposing team. Teams are made up of 11 players, with one substitute in case of injury. At the beginning of the game, a coin toss is used to determine who bats first. The fielding team will put all 11 […]

How-To Make a Sand Bowl – Man Vs. Pin #17

What’s up, Rob here, Man Vs. Pin, The show where we find awesome pins on Pinterest and put em to the test! Now, throughout the course of the series a bunch of you have been requesting this Sand Bowl Pin. However, things got serious the other week when Caroline and Lollipoper42 suggested it and.. More than 80 of you liked […]

What’s inside a Swingless Golf Club?

– We came up with a super great idea, incredibly safe. (club shoots) (man screaming) – [Host] What! This is Claire and she is golfing for her first time today. (Claire chuckles) Just relax, just relax, take it easy. In today’s video, Lincoln and I have a bit of a surprise for her. One of the weirdest golf things you’ve […]

LED Pontoon Lighting Install

so I’m working on something a little different today as you guys know I really enjoy the lake to live right here basically on the lake and kind of wanted to do a little nighttime lighted on the boat so I think what I’m going to try to do is I ordered a bunch of LED strips kind of try […]