10 Ways to Mess with Players in Minecraft!

[intro music] Friends are brilliant. I love my friends. I’m sure all of you guys love your friends as well, but I’m sure you’ll all agree. There is something quite fun about winding up your mates. Now I’m one of those people. I like messing with my friends. It doesn’t matter where I am I could have been in school […]

How to Safely Bottle Feed a Kitten

Kitten season is here It’s the time of year where kittens are entering shelters in huge numbers Often times without a mother. Most of the time this is because well-meaning people find kittens outside and assume that they’ve been abandoned When really the mother is usually right down the block. So if you find a kitten outside And they don’t […]

✔ Minecraft: 10 Furniture Designs for New Players

Diseños de muebles para jugadores nuevos ¡Qué amable por pasarte a verme, soy Magma! ¡Hoy te mostraré algunos de mis diseños simples favoritos! Sigue viéndolo también si eres veterano, ¡Va a estar bien! Espero que te inspire a empezar a decorar más. ¡Este de aquí es mi diseño favorito de bañera de hidromasaje! Si lo pones contra una pared, ¡también […]