Race Proven Z06

You get to come here and do this and it’s fun, it’s fun, I enjoy seeing people go fast and get new bests and stuff like that. My name is Fran Schatz, we’re at Holley LS Fest, Bowling Green, Kentucky. It’s a 2007 ZO6, started out as a street car. It was the first ZO6 to go into the 8’s, […]

2012 Holley LS Fest Overview

You know every summer I get to attend a ton of car events, a lot of them are just a tremendous amount of fun but this one, this is a killer event right here. This weekend I’m at the Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green, Kentucky. If you didn’t get a chance to make it down here this year I […]

How To Install Bright Earth LED Light Bars

Welcome to Holley Garage, today I’m going to be installing a Bright Earth 30 inch LED light bar, it houses two rows of spot and floodlights to produce about 1,440 lumens, should be just enough to light up the night. I’ll be using the included mounting brackets and hardware to flat mount it on the windscreen of this RZR behind […]

NOS Trash Can TC178 Nitrous Solenoid

Are you looking for big power from a single nitrous solenoid? Well, look no further than the new NOS TC178! These large body solenoids have been around the race track for years and have been given the name “Trash Cans” due to their large physical size as well as their ability to deliver large amounts of nitrous oxide. NOS has […]