Gym Games – Pin Down

This game is called ‘Pin Down’. Start with hula hoops around a small playing area. Place a plastic pin inside each. Those are the home bases for the players. One player at each base will protect their pin. The remaining players will stay at the edge waiting for their turn to get in. They will not be standing there for […]

Lawn Bowling : Lawn Bowling Scores

In this clip, we will talk about scoring. This board is a duplicate of our game board. Our game board looks just like this. We have three names, and three names playing against each other. Monday red, Brink five on this green, which is the green number one, or the South green. So, our game has progressed, we are in […]

Annoying Orange – WII BOWLING

– Fruit lovers assemble. – [Orange] Me and Little A are gonna play with our Wii (laughs). – [Apple] Little A? Is that my new nickname? – [Orange] Yep, just invented it. – [Apple] Well, it sure beats what you normally call me. Whaddya wanna play? – [Orange] You know what I wanna play. ♫ Wii bowling, bowling, bowling, bowling, […]

Construindo um Boliche | The Sims 4

Hey everybody! This is Dimi And I am back with another building video, in The Sims 4. This time I’m going to build a bowling alley Because, for those who do not know, The The Sims 4 just updated a new stuff pack called “Bowling Stuff Pack” And I already made a video showing the new stuff that came on […]