Bowling With… Bullets?!

oh, Whoops. ha! you know what? stuff happens Wow Hey there, this is Kirsten joy Weiss and today I have a shooting game for you. Yep. That’s right Something you can do on the range at your own risk and with all safety precautions But this will be a lot of fun It is called bowling with a gun and […]

Xbox Game Studios Head Unveils New Xbox Games

[XBOX SOUND]>>We are now joined by head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty. But first, for those watching on on and logged in to a Microsoft account, you’ll receive a never before released Obsidian Helm Sea of Thieves. It gears pop promotional credit and a chance at winning a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. But first of all, […]

How real is the parkour in games?

(synth music) – Frosti Fresh makes this look easy. But he knows better than anyone how difficult doing a stunt is. In real life or in a game. – ‘Cause it’s not just what height you hit it. It’s what angle you hit it at, what momentum you hit it at. It’s a very natural thing when you’re doing it, […]