PE Games – Bowling Ideas

Here are some interesting bowling ideas for grades K-8. You can use this in a bowling unit, or when you’re doing rolling, and you need a bunch of different equipment including those plastic pins or cones. Here we’re going to see four different ideas and hopefully you can use something. The first one I like to call ‘Obstacle Bowling’. You […]

Bowling Math Game

Knock down the unique, six-sided pins for big digits and a BIG score! Introducing Gopher’s ACTION!™ DigitDrop™! Strategize to get the biggest score with your teams in this fast-paced game! Three teams throw their 6 balls to knock down the pins in their zone. Once all 6 pins in their zone are knocked down, teams can choose 1 low-digit pin […]

Lawn Bowling : Lawn Bowling Strategy

In this clip we’ll speak about strategy a little bit. The three places of a triples game. The leads, the vice skips and the skips. The leads are to get their bowls, three of them, closest to the jack. The vice skip, the second person up in line, will also do that. He will try to nudge out an opponent, […]

(1A) 2016 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Basketball Championships

Funding for the Iowa Girls High School Basketball Championships is provided by — The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes in Iowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union. Each student’s effort is important and when one rises, we all […]

Dice Bowling Set

Bowl to roll your chosen sequence of numbers in this new take on bowling! Introducing Gopher’s Stryke ‘N Score™ Bowling Set. Knock down the pins and strategize to gain the most points! Players roll the ball and knock over the unique six-sided pins, and look for certain number sequences to be facing up: Find pairs, 3-of-a-kind, straights, or add even […]