Behind the Scenes: Ellen’s Staff Game Rehearsals

Gas station products. Cigarettes. Beer. Wine. Beer. You already said it. Yes! Oh! [screaming] Wow. You’ve got to make sure you’re all tucked away when you get that thing on. I’m ready. Oh, [bleep] Pablo Picasso. Pablo Biajo? Pablo Picasso. Pablo Biajo? I’m definitely not there. Oh! Oh! Oh! OK. [laughter] Snow White’s dwarves. Tracy, go. Happy. Dopey. Doc. Sneezy. […]

S. Korea becomes first country outside of Europe to host Winter Youth Olympic Games

south korea’s commando province has officially been chosen to host the 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games this makes South Korea the events first host out country outside of the Europe are conn-young Luke files this report from Switzerland come on the province will see a very busy winter season at the beginning of 2024 that’s because South Korea and the […]