Lawn Bowling : Lawn Bowling Teams

In this clip the game begins. Our teammates are posted on what we call a team board. We have four different games in bowling. Singles, obvious, one against one, pairs, two, triples, three against three and what we call rinks is four players against four players. Singles and doubles each bowl four bowls which makes up a set of bowls. […]

Beer Pong with Post Malone

-What happens in the green room if I went backstage at a Post Malone concert? What would I run into, what kind of madness? What kind of business is happening? -It’s not really madness. It’s — -Just quiet. -A lot of Shania Twain. [ Laughter ] -You got to have the Twain. -You got to have the Twain. -You got […]

Ridiculous Fishing Review [iOS & Android]

Ridiculous Fishing’s past is not pretty. The precursor Flash game, Radical Fishing, also created by Vlambeer, was cloned and released to the app store in the form of Ninja Fishing by Gamenauts. All this before Vlambeer could bring their game to market. This hit the small dev team from The Netherlands hard. They weighed up their options and eventually decided […]

Lawn Bowling : Lawn Bowling Rules

In this clip I had best explain to you that our rink is fifteen foot wide. Our jack is in the center of that fifteen foot. As our bowls come down the closest one scores, but occasionally we have a good shot and it will move the jack. The jack stays in position as long as it’s in our rink. […]

Halloween Ghost Bowling! | Deja and Di-V

– [Both] Hey guys! – It’s Deja. – And Di-V. – [Both] And welcome back to Squared! (soft rock music) – We are your Saturdays here on Squared. – And for this week’s video, we are going to be playing Halloween – [Both] Bowling. – Our Halloween bowling is a little bit different, but basically, we’re going to be doing […]

Kitchen Bowling In The Living Room

Hey guys, you’re watching… CRAZYKIDZ TEEVEE!!! Sorry. I love to be weird. I’m gonna Go bowling In the living room with common kitchen items Only common kitchen items The bowling ball will be a soup can. Well, a sweet peas can. Go You can do a second frame if you want. OK. Frame 2! Go! Whoa! – “You got almost […]