Annoying Orange – WII BOWLING

– Fruit lovers assemble. – [Orange] Me and Little A are gonna play with our Wii (laughs). – [Apple] Little A? Is that my new nickname? – [Orange] Yep, just invented it. – [Apple] Well, it sure beats what you normally call me. Whaddya wanna play? – [Orange] You know what I wanna play. ♫ Wii bowling, bowling, bowling, bowling, […]

Drive-Thru – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Hi, uhhh… Can I get a large fry, burger, apple pie, diet coke… uhm…? Hmm… -*incomprehensible talk* -Uh… I’m sorry, what? -*incomprehensible talk* -Uh… I can’t understand you. -*incomprehensible talk* -No, you need to speak clearly. -*incomprehensible talk* -Look, let me just drive up to the next window. Okay, now I want a… -*Muffled screams* – Uh… I asked for […]

Easiest Way to Break Your Own Foot

What is the easiest way to break your own foot? Why do you want to shoot yourself in the foot? I don’t want to shoot myself. I want to know how it could happen. If you drop something on your foot, you could break it. Bowling balls, bricks, tools, anything. I’ve heard of people breaking a bone and still walking […]