The ‘Fresh Prince’ When Will And Uncle Phil Accidentally Bought Thanksgiving Handies

(thoughtful music) – [Narrator] Will’s kitchen sneakin’ for a little pre-Thanksgiving pie. Uncle Phil had the same idea. – This is not the first Philip Banks pie-jacking. – [Narrator] And it won’t be the last jack attempt of this episode, busted. And a B-story about Hillary and Carlton volunteering to feed the homeless, who cares. The whole fam’s in town […]

Nerf War: Birthday Battle

Nerf War: Birthday Battle Subscribe to PDK Films Eric Paul’s Birthday, Thanksgiving Day Paul To Paul, from Eric Brother, like a skid mark on your whitest underpants… You really stand out. Happy birthday, and happy Thanksgiving. Love, Eric To Paul, from Jess Wishing you a mucho good time on your Birthday! And happy Thanksgiving! Love, Jess Hey you! You want […]