Bowling with Lewandowski – The Big Lebowski

43 Thank you. A brand new one, right? Are you a professional? I play every day. Then I’m worried. It’s been his best ever half-season at FC Bayern. Unforgettable: his five goals in nine minutes against Wolfsburg. Let’s see if Robert Lewandowski is just as clinical on the bowling alley. It’s no fun without a risk. That was mine! Second […]


Captions helped by community and others. Oooooh! What’s up Youtube, today We’re going to do Bowling Slip N’ Slide, but instead of using water, We’re going to be using slime, so welcome to Bowling Slip N’ Slide Slime. Slime Bowling slip and slide whatever I named it in the title that is what this video and this thing is called […]


*blows* Wooooaaahhh *Intro with music* hey guys 😀 today i am going to be teaching you how to make your very own bubble snake O.O And here is what you need First,you will need some water. You will need scissors or scizzors whatever you want to call them you’ll need some soup either dish soup or any kind of soup […]

Kitchen Bowling In The Living Room

Hey guys, you’re watching… CRAZYKIDZ TEEVEE!!! Sorry. I love to be weird. I’m gonna Go bowling In the living room with common kitchen items Only common kitchen items The bowling ball will be a soup can. Well, a sweet peas can. Go You can do a second frame if you want. OK. Frame 2! Go! Whoa! – “You got almost […]