Water Bottle Flip 3 | Dude Perfect

Some people have said water bottle flips are dead. At the same time, it’s very difficult to ignore a quarter of a billion views on Water Bottle Flip Two. So welcome to Water Bottle Three. Let’s go! Here we go! Dude Perfect. I got two bottles, two beams. This is the double flip. Let’s go! Woo! Woo! Let’s go! Let’s […]

Pink Magic | Pink Panther and Pals

(murmurs) (gasps) (crickets chirping) HMM? (crickets, coughing) HMM? HMM? HMM? HMM? HMM. OH! (yawning) HMM? (grumbling) (humming) AHH! (grunting) OH! (grumbling) (cheers and applause) (metal clank) (cheers and applause) (cheers and applause) (grumbling) (cheers and applause) (grumbling) (grunting) (audience gasps) (mumbling) (cheers and applause) (gulp) (cackles) (audience oohs) (audience ahs) (audience gasps) (cheers and applause) (grumbling) HMM. ♪ HMM HMM […]