So we’re about to get get underway here. We’re in Gin Gin The sun is rising from the east, anyway, so we’ve got a whole heap of stuff here that we’re just going to be basically destroying This series is basically called we drop stuff on other stuff. It’s good. I want to show the main weapon That is 20 […]

Dude Perfect Office Golf Challenge | FACE OFF

ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of car car car car car car car car faceoff in Spanish [Cata] [bass] [Pappagallo], oh I’ll make up a song to work for definitely anyways this week We’ve got a golf simulator Battle let’s see you the contestants are Contestant number one will [be] big money big money cory yeah congratulations my […]

Bowling Ball Golf With Dynamite

– Rule number one: do not blow yourself up. (upbeat rock music) – Welcome everybody. We are going to have an epic game today. We are actually going to do golf with bowling balls. You are probably wondering, how do you actually do this. How do you actually play? – How do you golf with bowling balls? – We have […]

Baseball Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

This is the bat smash gonger Good to get first trickshot underway welcome to baseball trick shots Dude Perfect This is the bounce back swisher Do I get three points? Sure, it seemed like at least a three pointer Music: Here comes a shakedown We get approval for this? no we did not guarantee everybody needs to take off their […]