80/20 Inc: Xtreme DIY – Outdoor Games

PHIL: Spring is finally here, and warm weather is just around the corner. And with warm weather, it’s time to dust off the grill and have a get together with friends and family. Summer has also become synonymous with games, such as corn hole and ladder ball. For this month’s Xtreme DIY, we’re going to build our own corn hole […]

How To Make The ULTIMATE Outdoor Game

There are lots of choices when it comes to activities in cottage country For some it’s a round of golf For others it’s horseshoes and beer Sorry! What if you could combine all those activities into one Well there’s a new game taking cottage country by storm and it’s called Bola or ladder toss simple to learn easy to build […]

Pink SLIME VS the Red Dragon: Epic Battle

Somewhere far and quiet, lived a slime Sam. Not in a department store. Nor on a shelf collecting dust. But in a cozy house. Stuffed with the tastiest candies that were sweeter than honey. Bigger than anyone could ever imagine. There was also a wonderful book full of his memoirs that nobody would ever see. The slime was fond of […]


Better take a little bit to Guarantee basically painting What is that my beautiful mars and welcome back to my computer death? I know it’s exchange me at a computer, but we are doing this today. I am playing Roblox Wall today, I’m going to be like trying to Dodge a wall That sounds really crazy, but yeah, I guess […]