Hmm… umph… where’s my little candy?… Found it! Cooome h-heere…. ow! Sammy? What’s all this noise? And what’s with these notes? What’s with… My memoirs! There’s no room in the house because of them! Barely found one candy! Hm… what to do?… Maybe you could write it in here? In there? My precious memoirs… into that… that…boring thing? No deal! […]

How To Make ICE BALLS!

– Ice balls don’t just look cool, they actually surface a purpose. When you add ice cubes to your beverage, they begin melting fast and can often water down your drink. This is because the cube has a high surface area giving it lots of contact with the warm liquid. Using a sphere provides the same cooling effect, but with […]

The ULTIMATE DIY Arcade Machine Guide

Hi, I’m Linus Sebastian There’s no greater source of joy in this world than a personal computer. But everyday, elderly devices, like this one, find themselves without a home. Discarded, Abandoned, Forgotten. So I’m here today to ask you, not for a donation, But just for a moment of your time to listen as we show you a path to […]