5 Simple Tips For Getting Top Engine Performance

– Hey, this is Donnie Smith and I’ve got a special video today. We’re gonna talk about getting the top performance out of your engine. I want to thank Pennzoil for sponsoring this video and for providing me with a little training that I’m gonna share with you. And I think you’re gonna find this interesting. Pennzoil invited me to […]


[hums] ah… squishy, squishy, squishy -Where is my candy? I ask, no! I demand! I’m entitled to candy! You tell me now, where is my candy? Sue, have you gone deaf? -I’ve become zen, and I don’t pay attention to small things anymore -Me, a small thing? This is outrageous! I’m out of here! But still, what about that candy? […]

How To Make a Resin and Wood Bowl

What’s up guys I’m Brad Rodriguez from Fix This Build That and today I want to show you how made this resin and wood bowl I use cherry segments and epoxy rings I had some hiccups along the way but I’ll show you how I fix them and made it work stay tuned I’ll show you just how I did […]


*blows* Wooooaaahhh *Intro with music* hey guys 😀 today i am going to be teaching you how to make your very own bubble snake O.O And here is what you need First,you will need some water. You will need scissors or scizzors whatever you want to call them you’ll need some soup either dish soup or any kind of soup […]