Slick Slime Sam and a FOOLPROOF BEADS BOWL

[Sue]: Sam, Sam, come here, quick! [Sam]: Coming! Here! What? [Sue]: Look what I’ve got for you! [Sam]: Oooh, a whole bag of candies! Cool, give ’em to me! [Sue]: Here you go! [Sam]: Oh noooooo! Oh Sue… whyyyy…. [Sue]: I, uh, didn’t know the bag was so flimsy. [Sam]: Now we’ll have to gather the candies all over the […]

How-To Make a Sand Bowl – Man Vs. Pin #17

What’s up, Rob here, Man Vs. Pin, The show where we find awesome pins on Pinterest and put em to the test! Now, throughout the course of the series a bunch of you have been requesting this Sand Bowl Pin. However, things got serious the other week when Caroline and Lollipoper42 suggested it and.. More than 80 of you liked […]

Chow Down with Pink Panther and Pals! | 42 Minute Food Compilation

(gurgling) (slurping) (gulps) (clattering) OH! (growls) (gulps) HA! (whimpers) (exhales) (gasps) (gasps) (gasps) AAH! HMM? (yells) (phone ringing) (indistinct chatter) YEAH! (dance music plays) AAH! (bowling pins clatter) HMM? AAH! AH, HA! AAH! AH. (clears throat) (whistles) 1 00:07:08,085 –>00:07:09,587 (skateboard rolling) (stomach growling) (skateboard rolling) (soft chatter) (dishes and utensils clinking) (stomach growling) (soft chatter) (skateboard alarm beeps) (feet […]