BwC S5E7 – Rashid Khan

I was never interested in bowling, I was a batsmen… I was a proper batsmen I used to open. I’ve seen you bat, I can see how much enjoy batting. I used to open before at 1 down… I was good at batting and used to score runs… And I was a part time leg spinner. That’s when my friends […]

Zalmi by Fortitude – Pukhtoon Core | Peshawar Zalmi Official Anthem 2020 | HBLPSLV

Come onto the field, we’re here sitting ready for you. Bat and ball in our hands, we’re standing ready in the stadium So, Where are your best players? , we’re waiting anxiously We are really dangerous (In cricket context) We represent Pukhtunkhwa (on the field) Huh We’re adventurously daring We’re the symbol of pride for our people With open hearts […]

Spicy Pitch Episode 2: Jasprit Bumrah

I feel that the bowlers run the show! If the bowlers do well, …you win matches! Batsmen… …they will come and go. India is like a factory for them! You’ll see that you will always find batsmen, …it’s difficult to be a good bowler, …in the present generation. So, you want to do the hard job, …if you are doing […]

Spicy Pitch Episode 1: Ravichandran Ashwin

Has there ever been a moment where you’ve said, …’No Ashwin, you were like this in school, and you are like this now, …Why!’ I mean, for cricket you would travel, …take a thousand flights, …pack and unpack 20,000 times! But you will not pack for an overnight trip with me or the girls. I’ve enjoyed teaching, …per se, even […]