Backyard Cricket T20 Series 2

Now people are joining us from all around the world. Welcome, it’s great to have you on board. Here at the GABBA Andrew Strauss has won the toss. England will bat first. It’s a beautiful day, not as humid as it is usually in Brisbane. The pitch looks pretty good. The Australian team huddled, Ricky Ponting had plenty to say […]

TVF | Gully Cricket Qtiyapa

Gully boys! Hear all the rules carefully! If anyone has any doubts about the rules later on, I’ll cut y’all into pieces and feed you to the birds! Now listen! The first ball will be a trial ball. An overthrow and offside won’t be counted as a run. Whoever wins will bat first. A catch with one bounce will be […]

BwC S4E2 – Virat Kohli | Part 2

Which school did you go to? I went to a school called Saviour Convent. My coach took me to that school because our academy was opening there… …and the deal with the school was that we would make a strong school team… …get some kids admitted and make a strong school team. – Making deals since school days? – I […]