12 things to love about Wattam

I’ve heard it been said that auteur directors are always making and remaking the same movie, and I think the same can be said about Keita Takahashi. He’s the game designer behind Katamari Damacy, Nobi Nobi Boy, and Wattam. I’m a big fan of Katamari Damacy, and I’m really enjoying Wattam. But it’s really hard to explain why because it’s […]

Match the Colors! 🌈 Ep. 2 Find Colors for PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Dora & Butterbean! | Nick Jr.

Your Nick Jr. friends are so colorful. [all cheering] Let’s play a color matching game. Hey, it’s Rocky. What color is Rocky’s vest? Hm, that’s right. Green. Can you help us find the color green? Is it this one? No, that’s red. What about this color? No, that’s yellow, like Rubble’s bulldozer. Look, here’s Rubble now. Rubble on the double. […]

Arduino Project: Wireless Weather Station using Arduino Due, DHT22 sensor and NRF24L01+ modules!

Dear friends welcome back! This is Nick from educ8s.tv and today we are going to build a wireless weather station project using Arduino. Without any further delay, let’s get started! Today’s project is this. A Wireless Weather Station with a big 3.2” Color TFT display. As you can see, the project is up and running, and it displays the current […]

Halloween Ghost Bowling! | Deja and Di-V

– [Both] Hey guys! – It’s Deja. – And Di-V. – [Both] And welcome back to Squared! (soft rock music) – We are your Saturdays here on Squared. – And for this week’s video, we are going to be playing Halloween – [Both] Bowling. – Our Halloween bowling is a little bit different, but basically, we’re going to be doing […]