Build A Boat Battle | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect, what’s up guys were Dude Perfect and welcome to the very first ever build a boat battle. Woah boys. Lets go get some supplies, Whoo! Build A Boat Challenge The rules for this battle are simple, build a homemade boat, stay within the budget, and get to the other side of the pond Fastest time is the winner […]

Human Flaming Hot Cheeto Challenge

– They say you are what you eat. And that’s why we’re turning Link into a human Flaming Hot Cheeto. – I don’t really eat those. – Too bad. We’re still turning you into one. It’s time for the Human Flaming Hot Cheeto Challenge. Let’s start with creating some Cheeto dust. In the traditional wine stomping fashion. – Okay. Right […]


Olivia: My name is John but I don’t work at the Swiss Co Factory and I like girls (It was kinda inaudible so I guessed a bit) [Challenge Pit intro playing] [Olivia] Hi! What’s up guys?! [Everyone in the background is Woahing and Wooing] Guess who we’re here with? [Shane] Uh Oh! [Olivia continuing] Yup! That’s right Damien Haas [Damien] […]

How to Beat a Bowling Legend (1/3)

This challenge is all about bowling. Now I’ve bowled a little bit. I think it’s pretty simple, you just put the ball down, aim it at the pins and try and knock them down, but I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a little bit more to it than that so I’m on my way to meet my expert, to […]