I’ll Buy Whatever You Spin!

Hey guys, this is Karina. It’s Ronald from– Sis vs Bro. And today we’re doing the I’ll Buy Whatever You Spin– Challenge! Right here we’ve got our good old trusty mystery wheel. And right here we’ve got some hidden letters. Can’t see them, we’ve got question marks over them. So what’s gonna happen, we’re gonna spin the wheel, whatever we […]


Jake: What, why are you freaking out? What? Tessa: What happened Martinez: There was something right there. Tessa: Wait what? Jake: I don’t know I think there’s something at the bottom of the pool Tessa: What happened? Good morning Jake Pauler’s. You know that we’re Ballers, straight shot Paulers. We be killing it, every day, just sold Ellen’s House. It’s […]