Iowa Girls High School Bowling

♪♪ Seth Banwell: Bowling is one of those sports where anybody can go up and really throw a ball. As soon as you can basically pick up an eight pound bowling ball, you can go out for bowling. It’s the fastest growing sport in the U.S.. 53 million bowlers bowl about once a week on a regular basis. We have […]

Bowling Stair Slide!

Today we’re doing a bowling ball stairs slide. Yeah But before we get started make sure to hit that subscribe button. Look at what we’ve got. A bowling set Let’s open it, we’re gonna be doing this on the stairs slide. We had a great stairs slide now, we’re gonna film us playing with it. So I have to tell […]

How To Learn Curving A Bowling Ball

Hi, my name is Sam, I’ve been a bowler for twenty years and today, we’re here at Rowan’s Finsbury Park and today, I’ll be showing you how to bowl. How to curve a bowling ball? This is a house ball, inside here is a plain white block with revs put on the ball. It won’t spin or curve as much […]


Working with trouble here. Trouble. We have trouble here. Alright Amelia, it’s your first time bowling. Great. You have an orange ball. Can you push it really hard? WHOA! TheFunnyrats. Hey guys, we’re kind of going on a wild goose chase today. So, we have a bunch of books right here, that we are trying to sell. And there’s this […]